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Slow Descent Into a Sadness Driven Insanity

I ran, I ran as fast as my legs could take me. The acrid smell building inside the hallway made it hard to breathe. I was getting more tired and tired as each ounce of air was released from my lungs. For I knew he was getting closer, I knew that he would eventually grasp my arm with tremendous force, smashing it. I needed to get away. I needed to leave. I woke up sweating with tears coming from my eyes, probably from the fear of my dream. I stood up and before I could even put on any close, my mom entered the room to tell me that school was canceled because of a shooting that happened earlier this morning by a teacher. His name was Mr.Frentzel. He was always a little off in my opinion. Apparently he strangled the math teacher to death and then shot the Principle as he was trying to get the man off of her.

I was trying my hardest to keep this thought out of my mind as I got on my computer and looked at my steam messages. I found a message from one of my iFunny subscriptions notifying me of a giveaway that I won!…


My wife and I were happily married and dreamed of someday soon starting a family of our own. But shortly after the wedding my wife was in a terrible car accident and the resulting injuries left her unable to bear children. We were heartbroken and looked for an means to reverse the damage but there was nothing that could be done.

I was of course happy that my wife survived the accident and recovered quickly, but I was also sad knowing that we could never be parents together. Our turmoil was furthered by the fact that my wife was a nurse and would frequently stop by the maternity ward and admire all the perfect little newborns just waiting to be cuddled and loved. She would always come home with tears in her eyes.

We looked into adoption but the agency didn’t like the idea of a child being raised by a father who was a cop and a mother who was a nurse as both occupations have high risk factors. This seemed like the final nail in the coffin that was our future family and we ready to give up.

Then out of the blue we got a phone call from a woman who claimed that she would be able to help us.…

Mary Thompson

April 23, 2000

Today was the first day of my new job working at some mirror store. ‘Linda’s Mirrors’ or something like that. I didn’t really like the job-mainly because all I do is dust shit, but it pays good. The old lady who owns the shop is one of those crazy old people and her last employee was sent to an insane asylum and died a week later. Well, that’s the story I heard from my friends. They said that the 16 yr. old girl claimed she was being haunted by twin girls she saw in a mirror. I didn’t believe my friends of course. They were most likely trying to scare me.

Anyway, I walked to the shop-which was right around the corner from my apartment-and walked inside. The shop was filled with all types of mirrors in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. There were gold mirrors, silver mirrors, round mirrors, square mirrors, big mirrors, and cute small ones. I walked around a bit searching for Linda. Instead I found a note saying:

Went out of town. Won’t be back for a few weeks. Store key on counter along with instructions.

Great, first day of work and my boss leaves.…

Seven Seconds

4:38:03 PM

He placed the cold steel barrel to his temple, feeling it press against bone. The scarred right wrist was steady, the shoulder relaxed, as he’d been trained. Standing in front of the mirror, his dry brown eyes burned with concentration. The muscles of his right hand contracted. The trigger began to move. His cracked lips curled to one side. The same sly, crooked half smile so many girls and women found appealing.

A muffled thump startled him from his sleep. Rubbing his eyes, the boy slipped from his bed and wandered into his parent’s bedroom. His father lay on the floor clutching at his chest. Sweat beaded his strained forehead. The man looked up at his young son.

“Get your mother,” he moaned through contorted gasps for breath. “Hurry…”

The boy stood there in his cotton pajamas smiling affectionately at his father. At last he turned and started down the hallway. Pausing on the carpeted stairs, he returned to his room and flicked the light switch.

“Daddy gets mad when I leave the lights on,” he reminded himself.

He made his way through the living and dining rooms of the modern split level home. In the kitchen the boy stopped to look in the refrigerator but changed his mind.…

Ashbrooke Lane

I was seven when I moved into that house at Ashbrooke Lane. At least that’s what my parents tell me. My recollection of that time is vague. I have memories of the big tree on our lawn, running round the garden with the boy next door, and I remember sitting on the living room floor playing with my He-Man figures. But my most vivid memories are of the recurring nightmares.

To the best of my knowledge, they happened every night I stayed in that house. The first time, I woke during in the early hours with a feeling that I was being watched. I lay there in the dark, listening intently, scared to move in case it drew the prowler’s attention. I could hear or see nothing, but that feeling wouldn’t go away. There was somebody or something in the room with me. I screwed up my eyes tightly, hoping it would just pass me by. I felt the bed shake and I stiffened up like a statue, afraid to make even the slightest movement. And then I heard the sound of raspy breathing from the foot of the bed. It moved round the side of me then stopped. Moments passed silently.…


Have you ever heard the old wives tale about how every time you feel a chill go down your spine it means someone just stepped on the spot where you would be buried?
I had heard it and figured the reason it was so popular is because it was one of those myths that everyone knew wasn’t true, But every time you got that chill down the back of your spine the thought crept up in the back of your mind, and you wondered if it was really a myth, just for a second. After that second was up of course you were snapped back to reality and forgot about the instance almost immediately as the constant blur of daily activities manifested itself once again.

I never really bought in to all of the superstitious stuff. I was never scared by the ‘creepy’ ghost stories or the ‘haunting’ tales of things that apparently lurked in the shadows. I was, however, very afraid of real horror stories. The kinds of stories you see on the news of a man that was murdered after he interrupted a break in, or the girl who was kidnapped and locked in a basement and found twenty years later.…

The Headless Corpse

Jack’s head shot up off the pillow and his eyes stared meaninglessly into the infinite darkness, temporarily forgetting where he was. His heart beat fast and he was gasping for air as if he had just finished a marathon. The inexplicable exhaustion overwhelmed him even though he just woke up from a feelingly long sleep.

His attempt of calming his heart rate went well by taking slow and deep breathes while his eyes were slowly adjusting to the endless darkness that filled every corner of his room. Laying back down, he stared at the ceiling trying to recall what kind of a dream he had. As the time went by he felt increasingly uncomfortable as he could distinctly sense the stench of death lingering in the air. Something was clearly amiss but he could not tell what it was as his mind was still in a state of confusion. The moon was covered completely by the clouds that not even a single ray of moonlight was able to escape. The street lights were, for no apparent reason, all switched off. That explained the deep darkness within his room.

Mustering all the courage, he decided to get off his bed and went out of his room to check his house out.…

Post Wood

I’ve brought myself back to where it happened, so I can relive the events that occurred five years ago, I shall try and recall them as accurately as possible.

I can feel the same summer breeze on my face; the shade from the tree hides me from the near blinding sunlight. I sit down on the ground and lean myself against the tree on my left, the marks are still there; the tree has seemingly exaggerated them. I run my fingers over the marks, as I do; an all too familiar chill strokes my spine, making me shudder. The floor is brisk with brown, dead leaves from the autumn just passed. I pull out a box of cigarettes from my pocket, place one between my lips and spark up. I stare at the little town of Ware buried in the valleys, just visible through the treeline.

The memory of that night came back clearer then day in that moment.
I stubbed my cigarette out on the root of the tree, careful as not to set any dry leaves alight. I stand up and walk through the overgrowth to the old camping spot. Nature has not been kind to the camping gear that was left behind.…

Midnight Dancer

Have you ever had one of those feelings that something was wrong? I don’t mean during the day either, but at night. I mean that sudden unprovoked feeling of dread that commands you to wake. Funny, it’s almost like nocturnal evil gives something off that your sleeping brain picks up on. I had one of those recently. It forced me up at 3 a.m. Normally when you have that feeling you’d lay still feigning sleep, or if you’re feeling adventurous you’d take a quick check around the house. After you failed to discover anything you’d inevitably crawl back to sleep. I should have done that this time.

I should have stayed asleep.

That night I sat straight up. For the longest time I sat there staring into the dark of my house before I even realized that I was awake. Then came the fear, that slow strangling feeling that constricts your chest and worms its way down your throat. I was alone in my home wide eyed and afraid with no explanation. I couldn’t hear the tell-tale signs of a break in downstairs, or the phantom sounds of a leaking pipe. I had no reason to be freaked out, but I was.…

Fun Town

Ever since she was a little girl, 14-year-old Nicole had a fascination of exploring unfamiliar places. For this expedition, she wanted to explore a patch of forest she recently discovered near her house. She brought along a flashlight in case there were any dark places worthy of investigation.

The forest was about two blocks down her street. A small dirt path winded through it, and there was still plenty of daylight to see everything. Nicole was giddy with anticipation of what lay ahead.

As she walked along the main path, separate trails split off into different directions.

“Well, I’ll be back another time,” Nicole said to herself. “Eventually, I’ll explore every one of these paths to see where they lead to.”

After wandering aimlessly for a while, she found herself in a dark, shady grove. Nothing more than a few trees surrounded her.

Nicole noticed something hidden among a tangled mass of branches. She whipped out her flashlight and shined it on the object. What she saw surprised her.

A sign with the words “FUN TOWN” written in bright red letters pointed towards a small passage among the trees.

Without a moment to lose, she ran down the path in a hurry to see what wonders were in store at Fun Town.…

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