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Irrational Fear

Everyone has the same fear at some point in their life. They think its waiting for them. Some people think it’s stupid and not real. But some people aren’t unfortunate enough to be a victim to its lingering attack.

The thought of it to those who haven’t been targeted is senseless; the thought of someone turning off the light and sprinting up to the first floor in attempt to escape only from their paranoid thoughts? The thought of something or someone chasing you up the stairs, and the only shield these deluded people have is the shield of light when they get to extremely bright room?

I will always remember that horrible night. Thinking I was running only from a thought. The feeling that someone is chasing you up a staircase surrounded by darkness is one thing, but to be hunted, surrounded in total darkness and be dragged back down into the abyss is another.

All I can remember is the room I was plunged into after being dragged down what seemed like never ending steps. The smell of fresh blood, and the sick aroma of decaying flesh filled my lungs. Seeing things were difficult, the room was almost pitch black.…

That Won’t Be Necessary

A few weeks, my wife and I took a vacation to Florida. We decided to drive, due to the price of airplane tickets around holiday season.

On our way south, we passed through Tennessee as well as a large portion of Georgia.

Unfortunately, there was a large accident that occurred on the turnpike, so we decided to take a short detour and then get back onto the turnpike after we passed all the traffic.

My wife and I grew fond of the roads that we drove on. There was so much to see, and the landscape was so much different than what we were used to seeing in Kentucky. So we decided to drive on them for awhile longer until we found somewhere in which we could stay the night. It was already 10:00PM and driving at night in a unfamiliar place did not appeal to me.

As we continued down a long main road, we found a small motel and decided we would stay there for the night. We got our room, unpacked what we need for the night and began to watch some TV and slowly fall asleep.

Around 3:00AM we both awoke to an eerie, distant siren. After a half an hour of listening to it, I decided I would go find out what it was.…

Willow Lake

So, three friends and I decided we were going to camp out in this 30 acre sanctuary down the street from my neighborhood. It’s paralleled by railroad tracks and a road on one side, and then a small road on the other said. There’s a lot of forest and trails, but also these big sand dunes and a huge lake that is pretty deep. So deep we can’t see the bottom. And in Florida there’s always shit to worry about like mosquitoes at night and spider webs along the wooded paths. Snakes thankfully left us alone.

Now understand when I say three friends I mean two friends and sort of my friend’s Uncle. So that’s Brandon, Dalton, and Mike. Brandon is cool when it comes to nature and a survivalist guy. Dalton’s my best friend and he’s funny but can get freaked out as easily as me. Then there’s Mike, the horrible uncle with the shit-eating grin that you’d never let your kids hang out with. He’s awesome.

We settled on three nights, so we got ourselves a big tent and brought two coolers worth of shit out there. The sun’s high up in the sky and there’s no clouds anywhere to be seen.…

I Should Have Worn a Different Watch

I gradually became aware that I was awake again, sadly. I enjoyed those fleeting moments of unconscious sleep where the minutes and hours slowly drift away, and then pick up speed until you are redlining it in 5th gear… then BLAM!!! Awake again. Who knows how much later. Fifteen minutes or ten hours, time used to be relative.

What I really liked about sleeping was that if I was lucky I could dream. During the time where my body simply was, my mind could weave a beautiful tapestry where I wasn’t bound by the laws of physics. I could run and jump, socialize with others and even eat food again! I miss food a lot.

When I was stuck being what I call ‘awake’ physically I could do nothing. I don’t mean that I had nothing to do but that I could not move a muscle. I wasn’t paralyzed. Even a quadriplegic can blink and move their eyes around. At least they can breathe and have a heartbeat.

Not that looking around would have done much for me. I had been in the darkness for longer than I could fathom, or maybe not, I had no way of telling time. I wore a watch but it didn’t glow in the dark, no back lit digital screen for me.…

The Six Strings that Drew Blood

Guitar Lovers, sell and buy special guitars forum

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04 November 2013 Dylan4r:

Hey I got this cool signed guitar for sale, for 40 bucks you can come and pick it up.


04 November 2013 Nathanmusic:

Hey who signed the guitar, I’m willing to buy it.


04 November 2013 Dylan4r:

Some very famous folk artist, forgot his name. Anyway you want to buy it?


04 November 2013 Nathanmusic:

I have to think about it, I let you know tomorrow.


04 November 2013 Dylan4r:

No please, you can have it for 10 bucks if you pick it up today!


04 November 2013 Nathanmusic:

Wow, what a deal. I will come pick it up, I’ll sent you a private message.

Why do you want to get rid of that guitar so badly?


04 November 2013 Dylan4r:

Great thank you so much!

Personal reasons.


07 November 2013 Nathanmusic:

Anyone who wants to buy a guitar signed by Willie Nelson? 20 bucks and it is yours!


08 November 2013 Nathanmusic:

Please someone? You can get a signed Willie Nelson guitar for free!


08 November 2013 Djjaxxie:

Wow really? A signed Willie Nelson guitar for free??…

Be Careful…

You never thought your life would come down to this, a choice between your heart and your life. Your heart is pounding in your chest like it’s trying to make up for years of beats that it may never know, and every breath has an amazing taste, as if the air itself had a flavor. You can hear the waves of the lake, though it’s at least five miles outside of town, or is it the blood in your ears that you’re hearing, each crash of the waves matching the samba beat of your faltering heart. This must be your body accepting the inevitable suddenness that goes hand in hand with death, your body acknowledging the impending doom that is staring at you from the locked portal of your front door. You might be wondering how you came to be in this moment between the light of life and the darkness of everlasting silence in death. Since you’re going to die anyway, why not remember the series of events that led you so far into this world of bitter fear and the horrifying, heart-stopping realization of your imminent demise.

It was only a few months ago that your life seemed perfectly normal, the trivial worries of everyday life hardly more than a simple nuisance that rarely tickled your mind with it’s normalcy and humdrum of living the so-called American Dream.…

Watch Out, He’ll Get You Too

I’m not sure how much time I have left until he finds me, but I can assure you that it isn’t much. I know, I know, you want an explanation. Don’t worry, you’ll get one. But before I can give it to you, I must warn you: If you hear my story, he WILL get you.
(Note: Anything preceded and followed by an asterix (*) is a realization I had as I wrote down my story.)


It was the beginning of the Fall of 2012 when my son and I moved to a nice, cozy house by the woods in southeastern Pennsylvania. I was so excited to finally be away from the hustle-bustle of Philadelphia and go to a nice, quiet place so I could start writing a book. Writing a book was something I wished to do since I was a boy.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t move solely for myself. This was also very beneficial to my son, who was being bullied incessantly in school. The bullying was to such a degree that he would cry himself to sleep most nights. This was a new beginning for him too.

The day we moved, my son kept telling me he had a bad feeling about it.…

Psychological Warfare

There are times when you feel as if you’re being watched. Usually you are not, at least that’s what you think. Sometimes it is a pressure on your neck or an itch you can’t scratch away.

“What could it be?” you ask yourself. “Nothing, I hope.”

Is it the Boogeyman? Your childhood closet monster? A ghost? …maybe.

You tell yourself that none of those things are real, only mere figments of your imagination. You will continue to think so. That is, of course, until it’s too late.

“What’s too late? What will get me?” you ask.

I will get you.

Now, you must be thinking, “But what are you?” Well, human, silly silly human…Why don’t you turn around and see for yourself?…

The Cabal

“Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad”

Prometheus, The Masque of Pandora

In the upper echelons of society there exists an ever growing group of individuals with entirely too much time on their hands. The members hark from around the world, but share similar traits. Often from lives of exceptional wealth, they are apathetic individuals, detached from day to day life and merely looking for the next distraction. In this club they find that something they have been seeking to fill the void. The club allows its members anonymity and encourages pseudonyms taken from ancient gods.

Now the name of the game is Despair. The members compete against each other, and a recognised hierarchy exists for individuals that have proven proficient in the past. A random person from across the world will be elected and presented to the player, who will then proceed to tear apart the person’s life in the most entertaining fashion. The resources of the cabal extend far and wide, and with the significant money at their disposal there are few doors that cannot be unlocked. The game is scored based on the speed with which the player can get the target to dispatch themselves.

It’s not clear exactly how long the club has been in existence, but the earliest records were shortly after World War 2.…

Train Ride

It had been a long, tiring day at work. It was quiet as I waited alone for the train. It was a bit after midnight, and so dark that I could only see the square foot around me that the small light illuminated.

Fortunately, I wasn’t stuck waiting long for the train. Eagerly, I ran in the second the doors opened.

There were only two other men in the compartment, not unusual for this time of night. The place reeked of smoke from the older man huffing on a cigarette. He took another long drag of it and watched me as I came in and took my seat.

I sat and looked up at the other man, sitting across from the smoker. He was only about 5 seats away, but his face was hidden by his hood, so I had trouble making out his features. His eyes, though… I could see those clearly. One was normal, but the other was red, where it should be white. He stared shamelessly back at me, with a tight, almost pained expression. I smiled at him, trying to break the tension, but he just stared. I looked out the window, trying to ignore his gaze, but I could still feel his eyes on me.…

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