Dreams are Reality


I was walking down an abandoned, dirt road in the middle of a small town that I did not recognise. I was alone; literally, there was no one in sight. I looked at the house I was walking by, the only house on the street. It was old and the dark grey paint was faded into more of an off white colour. The windows were covered in dust and chipped at the edges, behind them were some ripped, faded yellow curtains hanging. Only one of the windows was missing a curtain, the top left window to be exact. I tried to peek inside but it was too dark in the house, all I could see was the shadow of what I thought was a cupboard. I flinched as I noticed a pair of glimmering black eyes watching me through the bottom right window.

The curtain dropped back into place as if someone was holding it open and then let it go. I kept on walking down the path trying to brush the thought of what just happened away. The path came to an end at the edge of a small field. I stepped onto the short, soft grass. With both feet firmly on the grass, it was at this time when I became aware. I was in control. I wasn’t sure what to do at first, I looked around nervously but I was captured by the golden clouds hovering across the sky. I realized the sun was setting, but I didn’t want it to set, who knows what could be lurking around these parts during the day, just waiting for night to start the hunt. I stared at the never ending golden sky, wondering… “What if this wasn’t a dream.” I wondered thoughtfully. Then put my mind to believing it was real.

Then at the second I imagined it was real, I saw the reality of the scene before me strengthen. Dream became reality, unconsciousness became waking wonder. The sky had changed, from the golden clouds of a short while before, to clear baby blue with only a strip of clouds that faded off into the horizon, the sun big and yellow, warming up the cold and spooky town. I was overwhelmed with what I was able to do. I smiled as I started to twirl around and around on the bright green field, the green grass spinning and spinning as if I was on a Ferris wheel. Then I stopped with a stroke of fear as I saw more and more people gather around the field. These weren’t ordinary people though; they were dark, black and white with no emotion on their faces, just a cold hearted, shadowed, look in their eyes. I noticed as more of them came to stare, that they weren’t standing on the field, but it seemed more like that they couldn’t, as if while I was on this placid plain, I was as safe as a wet match is from the fear of flame.

I wondered why as I started to walk to the other side of the small field, this side was the only side with no one standing on it. I got to the edge and froze. I was still standing on the field but I couldn’t move. It was as if some invisible force was pushing me back, but another was pushing me forward. Something was telling me to stay on the field. “Don’t step off!” I heard someone whisper close to my ear, but when I turn my head, there is nothing but a cold wind. I was still frozen, from the neck down at least. “Nothing can hurt me, nothing can hurt me.” I kept telling myself in my head. I blinked, but when I open my eyes again, I was surrounded, surrounded by millions of whispers telling me “Don’t step off!” again and again.

The whispers tortured me, they made me terrified, but I was in control. “Nothing can hurt me.” I thought again. Suddenly, I unfroze. I fell forward with a little scream. I took a deep breath, raised myself up to my feet, and stepped off the field. With both feet firmly on the path again, I heard screams and yelling like I was in the middle of a battlefield. It was so loud; that I couldn’t hear myself scream. I was on my knees with my forehead against the pavement and my hands covering my ears, while I screamed, trying to drown out the sound. I couldn’t bear the screams anymore; it felt like I was being torn apart, bit by bit, from the inside out.

I looked up as the horrifying shrieks started to fade away. With tears running down my cheeks, I saw a black and white man standing in front of me. He had a cold look in his pure red, triangular eyes, even his shadow looked evil, darker than it should be and it appeared to be moving without him. He tilted his head and at the second I flinched, he lunged towards me! With his mouth gaping open, I saw that all of his teeth were sharp, like fangs, and his mouth was like a black hole leading down into hell. I screamed as he wrapped his dirty, grey hands around my neck… Choking the life force from my body, slowly killing me…

I awoke screaming and covered in my own sweat. I sat upright, breathing heavily, looking around at my dark room. I fell back into my bed. “It was only a dream…” I told myself. But as I sat up, I saw the same figures from my dream staring in at me from my windows. “No!” I screamed, my heart feeling like it was surrounded by ice. But they just stood there not moving, just staring. Then I realized they weren’t watching me, they were watching something behind me. My heart almost stopped when I realized that. I slowly turned around, to face the thing behind me. It was dark at first and I couldn’t see anything except two red dots, but as my eyes adjusted, I realized they were beady red eyes I was staring into.

The beady eyes of the black and white man! He lunged forward, covering my mouth to keep my screams from escaping. He wrapped his long slender hands around my neck, and squeezed as hard as he could. I saw spots and tried to scream, but all the air was already gone from my lungs. I heard a crack and felt a blinding, white hot pain, and then it was all over.

I awoke to cold water being splashed across my body. I gasped my first conscious breath in what felt like weeks. “Hello.” Said somebody that I could as of yet not see, I could hear the smirk in their voice. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that it was the black and white man. I tried to scream, but it came out as a muffled shout. I realized my whole body was bound in ropes, and my mouth was taped shut.

“You tried to leave my dream.” He said with an obvious smirk at my attempts of trying to free myself. “You won’t get out of those ropes, I tied them myself.” He boasted. “Now,” He said. “Leaving my dream was not a smart idea.” He said with a sad glance at me. “Leaving made me want your soul more, so now, you are going to be forever in my dream, the dream of lost souls.” He stepped forward and picked me up by my hair. He threw me towards a door, and said “Go through that room.” I hesitated for a moment. “Now!” He roared at me. I couldn’t move, so he picked me up by my clothes, and threw me into the room. Everything went dark for a moment, but then I saw a plain of grass, and a person watching the sunset. “Run.” I tried to scream, as I realized they were in the dream. But no sound came out of my mouth, as I looked down, I realized that I was in the robes of the people who found me on the grass in my dream. Suddenly, all the pale, sullen people appeared around me, and I lost all thought. The last thing I remember was seeing the poor, now lost, soul see us, and then everything went black.

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    Commented on February 8, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    The last paragraph ruined it for me. It felt completely separate from the rest. And what? The dude could just talk like a normal person? No more details about that?

  • Commented on September 19, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    The dream scape is convoluted and beautifully described. I like the writing style, shame about the all too abrupt ending.

  • Commented on October 22, 2015 at 11:53 am

    Good effort but pity about the sudden end.

  • Commented on December 3, 2015 at 8:07 pm

    the end needed more in any way it ended to early

  • Darkskull9000
    Commented on January 13, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    I agree with darkventure it was pretty well written I just felt like the ending was sort of rushed

  • Commented on October 25, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    this one is good but could a little more at the end and not such a fast end but overall 8/10

  • Jeffthekillergirl
    Commented on November 16, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    Ummmmm… He sounds creepy but… I don’t know him that much…

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