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The Music Box

I don’t recall ever seeing an actual music box. I mean sure I’d seen them on television but have never actually held one. Why is this relevant you may ask? Well, what I have to say about some things I’ve experienced recently involve sounds that can only come from a music box.

It was earlier this very day, a couple of hours ago that I first noticed that something… out of the ordinary was occurring. I was in the middle of sweeping and mopping my kitchen floor, playing music from my Ipod while I worked. As I was dragging the bleach drenched mop over my kitchen floor, towards the wooden gate that led to the living room when the notes first reached out to me; above the loud outro of Metallica’s Fade to Black.

The notes sounded eerily similar to the music you’d hear from an old music box. The music sounded like it was coming from our second story, a place we use mainly for storage. At first I thought it sounded awfully similar to Happy Appy’s theme song from the creepypasta. Then, all of a sudden, the music stopped and everything went silent. I shrugged it off as my imagination and continued with my chore.…

My Favorite Doll

When I was a kid, I was a huge sucker for Barbie dolls. Really. I didn’t care for them like other girls did; giving them baths and cleaning them up and going to sleep with them, but I did like playing with them. I was usually playing around with the outfits, having them talk to each other, stuff like that.

I possessed fifteen dolls – ten girls, two males, and three little kid Barbies, who were girls, too. I even named the dolls after my family members, but among the fifteen, the doll named Samantha (who was named after me) was my favorite, merely because she had the fairest skin and the longest, blondest hair, none of which I had. I admit, that was pretty shallow (and bordering on sexist) of me.

Apparently, I had a lot of fun with these dolls. I don’t remember much, but I recalled having them play out scenarios that I wanted to happen to me, like me getting noticed by my crush, or my brother finally getting caught eating all the cookies. It might sound lame now, but hey, I was a kid. Anyway, my mom would always tell me, “You’re always inside your room playing with those things.…


You know those sounds you hear when no one is home?

Those sounds only you hear. When you’re alone. I do. I hear them everyday. The creaking. The noises. The paranoia of my mind playing tricks on me, but is it really?

What if there is someone outside of the door. Waiting for me to see what that sound is. What if he is just waiting for my curiosity to take over and warp my mind into his world? He’s waiting for my mind to weaken. Waiting for me to fall asleep. Waiting for something. For something I don’t know. He’s waiting. Just waiting.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, paralyzed by something holding you down, Frozen in fear? You can’t move. You can barely breathe and all you hear is what reminds you of that ringing in your ear that gets louder and louder and screeches and takes over your fear that makes you tremble in your paralyzed state. That noise that blocks out everything else in your mind except for your heartbeat, and it terrifies you. That feeling of helplessness. Knowing that whatever happens to you, whatever fate you have is in his hands.…

Elf on a Shelf

It’s Christmas time, and my mom wanted to start a new tradition. Of course she had to make it “Elf on a Shelf”. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea, but she knew that I wouldn’t go for just a hidden elf. So my mom made it a murdering elf. Why the fuck not, right? It’s already creepy enough looking already. But that’s not it. She put post-it notes on the elf and they were clues to find the “victims” of the elf. She knew I was horrible at finding things, so this was for her amusement. I was completely against it. I hated the idea, but she insisted that I do it. Well, insisting turned into forcing. I’m happy now though… This elf is my best friend. You probably think I’m crazy right now, right? Just… just hear me out. I… I am holding my mother’s heart, and her lifeless body lying at my feet. I was ecstatic. No more mother, and someone, or someTHING that felt the same about her. I hope we have the same takes on people; There are a lot of people I don’t like at school.…

Mr Joe Chancely

I… I don’t have much time, but I just have to type this up. I’ve been hurt… pretty bad… There’s so much…blood I… I think I’m gonna die… I’m so scared. But I have to get the message out! I just need to make myself heard before it’s too late.

I understand now. So many people disappear every year and not a trace of them is ever found again. This is what will happen to me so it will be a waste of time searching for me. The creature it’s smarter than us and it makes absolute sure that it leaves not a trace of its horrible crimes. But today it made one mistake… or… I did.

Guys, today I saw things words cannot describe nor can the human mind fully comprehend. I know my fate and many others’ too…

It’s too late for me, but it’s not for you. My advice to you i

SHIT! It’s… it’s coming for me. I can hear it… It’s in the house…

Look, it doesn’t matter what this… thing looks like so I won’t waste my time describing it to you. I don’t have the time and believe me, you’ll KNOW if you see it and if you see it… it’ll be too late.…

An Odd Occurrence at the Train Tracks

Edwin was widely considered to be one of the better actors of his time. Some even called him the best overall. With a healthy, theatrical love for Shakespeare plays, he found any chance he could to get involved in one, a contestant among critics to be the finest Hamlet that there ever was, and ever will be.

After being selected out of a few other popular performers for a role, as well as to visit his sister, he eagerly awaited at the train station. It was loud and populated with people, the air being filled with the noise and chatter among the others there. The day was chilly and filled with rainfall, making the station having an almost white noise sound around it.

When the train finally arrived, the crowd was all too anxious to get on the train and hurdled towards it, pushing a young college student near the edge of the platform. He struggled to keep his footing and stumbled onto the tracks as he lost his balance.

Edwin, having witnessed this from the corner of his eye, yelled at the conductor to stop the train, but the man was unable to hear him over all the frantic noise, and it was already too late for him to do so.…

Guest at the Window

It was 10:00 at night and I had a friend over, my friend Noah. He was basically the first friend I made when I moved to this new school. We had spent the whole day at an airsoft war down in the city. We were tired, but not sleepy. We played some games on our PlayStation 3 and did so for about four hours. Now keep in mind that my room is big. It was a fifteen by twenty foot room and what stood out the most was this window that took up a good portion of one of the walls.

But is wasn’t until about 2:30 a.m. that there was this annoying scratching noise at the window, but not enough to get on our nerves too much. It continued to progressively get louder. I said to Noah, “It’s probably someone outside the window trying to get our attention.” and he just nodded and we kept on playing our game. Now let me just say this: Hearing a loud scratching noise for about thirty minutes is testing someone’s sanity. With it getting louder, but not actually being too loud, I realized something. We are basically isolated from most of society. There were a few houses here and there, but we were for the most part alone in a log cabin in the woods.…

Home Sweet Home

I don’t want it. It needs to get out of my house. I thought it was gone. I had never been so wrong.

It started as a life-changing decision for us. Moving away from our hometown, forgetting friends and starting a new life. The house we moved to was far from where we lived. It was about a three day drive. We moved from New York to Wisconsin. I was the most against it, I had a social life, I was actually pretty popular, I made friends with everyone. My parents were usually isolated in their house. They were the nicest parents anyone could ask for… Sorry I’m getting off topic. They didn’t have many friends and most of our family was in Wisconsin. The ride was fun, I listened to music and text my girlfriend Leah. She was perfect. We had in common almost all of our interests. When we did get to the house… I was stunned. It was a beautiful Victorian style house, two stories, already furnished. At first I was a bit skeptical on how my parents got the money for such an extravagant structure as this.

We spent most of the day unpacking. I took an hour to unpack and then explored.…

The New House

I was glad to be moving. I never liked my city. It was too loud for me anyways.

I looked around at my family members in the car. My parents up front, were chatting cheerfully away at what our new town will be like. My father, who was driving the curves of the street carefully, was offered a lawyer position at the town that paid him double what he made back in the city. My mother, an antique store owner, was happy to be able to open up a bigger antique shop in our new town. My brother, sitting quietly beside me, had his headphones plugged in his ear as usual. He was only a year older than me, a senior in high school. He was the only person in the car that felt bitter about our move.

The move into our new house went by quickly. The mover trucks came the next day and we got down to business. It took us about two weeks to fully move into the house.

The house was big and beautiful. My father was so happy we could afford it. My mother loved the fact it was so old. Her antique geek side loved everything about the house.…

Truth and Trust

Truth and trust are like a disappearing faith within some people now a day. People’s minds are clouded with darkness. Needing a lie to cover up their mistakes. With all this technology, people can have all different ways of hindering the truth from coming out. Think of it as this…. The mind covers the truth, as the shadows cover the light. The darkness in people’s minds is an unknowing truth, a truth that has no trust. Trust is like this; A lie that has become the truth…. It’s a losing battle.

Is there any trust in this world anymore…? With such things as the NSA and ASIO, I don’t believe there is. You may ask yourself why? I’ll tell you why. The darkness has taken people’s minds, filled it with greed and sorrow. There are quite a large number of people that know this fact, but yet no one takes action. They leave the world sitting there, like a soldier left behind, bleeding out… Slowly taking his last breath before dying.

You don’t believe the darkness has got your mind…? You’re wrong, it’s everywhere. Look around you, you’ll find it. You’re probably laughing at the fact that I said that… but deep down, you know it’s there too; slowly eating you away like an ant eats a leaf.…

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