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Black And White Dogs

The child jolted awake in the middle of the night, a scream lost in his throat. He was covered in cold sweat and trembling all over. The nightlight next to his bed illuminated his room. There was no monster. He had simply imagined everything in a brief, terrifying nightmare.

His hand reached through the darkness and pulled the cord to his lamp. The bulb flashed on and his room was liberated from the blackness. He would sleep with the light on just in case.

He tossed and turned but was unable to go to sleep. The problem was that he really had to pee. He did not want to venture out into the dimness of the rest of the house, he was afraid of the beasts that lurked in the dark corners that were waiting to snatch him and eat him up.

He eventually realized that he would not be able to go to bed until he relieved himself. He gathered up all the courage he had and let one foot touch the ground. He screwed up his eyes, waiting for a mottled green hand to come out from under his bed and grab his ankle. But it never came. He let his other foot touch the ground before making his way to the door and opening it slowly.…

The Cursed Mr Morttis

I always loved traveling carnivals. They held a mystery to me as a child, with the way they appeared overnight in an open field. I rode my fair share of rides and even won a prize or two, but the side shows fascinated me the most. The Man Who Could Eat Anything, munching away on nails and light bulbs. The Spider Lady, with the body of a giant black widow and the head of a woman. I would line up to see them as many times as I could.

I used to love carnivals. That changed when I was twelve, during the summer before my family moved away from my home town, Hystoria. My two best friends, Tommy and Wes, excitedly pounded on the front door of my house one morning. This wasn’t unusual for us. During the summer months, they practically lived at my house. My mom didn’t mind. We stayed out of trouble and out of her hair.

My mom opened the door, and they fluttered by with a chorus of, “Good morning, Mrs. Tilman.” Mom shook her head with a giggle, barely getting out of the way of the stampede. “Morning, boys. Michael is in his room.”

I was sitting on my bed, still in my PJs, when the dynamic duo crashed through the door and pounced on the bed.…


To be honest, I’ve never thought about murder and death. I’m used to just pushing through thoughts like that, you know? Especially for a 27 year old scientist. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen my share of coffins and corpses here in Vail, Colorado. But that was before the freak accident with the Tesla coils killed me, and I was a, shall we say, guinea pig of new weaponry for the US government. I’m kinda glad I’m not as human anymore. They’re are so petty. They kill for money, ego, materialistic pride.

I kill to feel.

The power running through my wire veins, electricity crackling in my palms. I feel less mortal that way and the power is so tantalizing. It’s satisfying. Energizing. And each scream, every breath, every swear and spasm is delicious.

My past is kinda normal, with a good childhood. Yeah, before I was weaponized, I had a wife and 9-year-old son. We lived in a gorgeous house in a quaint little town I never remembered the name of. Pine trees seemed to claw at my heart with beauty and the mountains only made my love for my human life grow.
But when I wasn’t human anymore? Well, let’s just say they were my subjects of my power.…

The Math Teacher

She stalked the dark hallways of the school, making sure that she made no unnecessary sounds that would attract anyone. She had been following her Math teacher for a few minutes now and was positive that she had seen him wander into the school building.

She checked her watch- she had about an hour to the curfew. The school was deserted, as it had been for the last summer month. She was being extra cautious-she didn’t want anyone seeing her follow her teacher into the school. That could only bring trouble.

She followed her teacher into the dark hallways. Her teacher seemed to be wandering aimlessly, oblivious to his follower. She waited for him to move into someplace quieter so she could make her move.Finally, her teacher stopped in front of the bathroom, probably intrigued by the sound of rumbling pipes and slowly made his way inside.

“Perfect”, she muttered to herself as she reached around for her pink backpack and withdrew a bloodied, solid, lead pipe fro within and made her way into the bathroom. She carefully closed the bathroom door behind her and ever so softly turned the lock. The soft clink of the lock made her teacher turn around to face her.…

Devil’s Road

The thick gray clouds blocked out most of the light giving the street a dark appearance and making my heart race. It was a strange feeling, to be so afraid with no conscious reason to be afraid. I walked quickly watching as the clouds swirled and moved in odd patterns that I’ve never seen before. I was used to New England winters and the cold that could creep in unexpectedly, but this was different. The wind was fierce, but not cold. The clouds were uncommon, the dulled daylight that managed to shine into them showed swirls of colors not normally seen.

I sped up positive that something was going to happen. Across the street a man took off running. His hair whipped around his head in a frenzy and his clothing was torn and bloodied. I froze, watching him. I was in a kind of shock, this wasn’t normal. A moment after he ran by three young men ran after him, they were laughing and screaming, calling to him. I watched him look back once and then turn a corner, his eyes were desperate. I could feel his fear because I was also afraid.

I started walking again, eyes peeled for any dangers.…


I often like to view creepy things on the internet. I don’t totally know why, I’ve just always been intrigued by things that are just…off. Any media is fine to take in the content. Stories, movies, videos, audio clips, video games, whatever. I just want to be unnerved. I work third shift, so my sleep schedule is all messed up. I sleep during the day and work at night. I get two days off a week, though, and always in a row. I could use this time to have some semblance of a normal life, but I’d rather not have to readjust my sleep schedule once work starts again, so I just stay up all night and sleep during the day.

So, browsing the internet on one of those days off I came to a thread which had a bunch of links on it. Each comment was just a link. Some of them led to websites about unexplained mysteries, some were streams of horror movies, and others were of accounts of paranormal events which were supposedly true. Then I saw one that was none of the above. I don’t remember what the link was; it was just random letters and numbers.…

Charlie, Dear

The noises had started around two in the morning, and while the house tended to make noises during such frightful snowstorms as this current one, these noises didn’t sound normal for a shifting house. I lay awake in bed, not daring to move. The sounds were not scaring me, let me get that straight. I am not scared by much. No, the sounds were confusing me, that was all. I wasn’t sure what to make of them. They seemed to be getting closer, so I silently got out of bed and picked up a knife I keep close to me for use in cases such as this, taking off my nightcap as I did so. I was ready for anything.

“Charlie?” called a voice, soft and cold as a snowflake.

Okay, I wasn’t quite ready for that.

“Who’s there?” I snarled in my raspy baritone, clutching my knife. If there was an intruder, then they’d certainly made a mistake in picking my home to rob.

“Oh, you should know me, Charlie. We met not too long ago.”

“Who are you? Show yourself, you lily-livered coward!”

“Oh, Charlie, you shouldn’t call me nasty names like that. It only adds insult to injury.”

“Come out, please,” I wheedled, changing tactics like a light switch.…

Dead-Eyed Lucy

I never got along with my family. My older brother, my younger sister, and my parents, always had a thing of their own, I could never get in. Nor did I want. They would laugh at minor stuff, like normal people, and I would just stare at them, blankly. Not that I didn’t understand their jokes, I did, they just seemed too stupid for me to laugh of. Or maybe it was because my family was the one to tell them. I could never quite understand, and I really didn’t care.

“Caroline! It’s time, where are you? We have to go.” That day, we were moving. Dad had just got a new job offer, you know? The usual. I didn’t want to go though. I could hear my mother calling me from down stairs, but I didn’t want to leave right away. I was in my soon to be ex-bedroom, leaning against the wall, just looking at the walls, when I felt my phone vibrating.

“So, u’re really going hum? :(” It was a text from Kate, my best friend.

“Yeah… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it either. It sucks…”

“Gosh… :(( Well, I’m gonna miss u gurl!

“Yeah, I wont.…

In the Mirror – The Story of Ludovic Caesar

Nobody who ever met Ludovic Caesar could honestly say that he didn’t strike them as a reasonable and polite young man. He was strangely intelligent for his twenty three years, and there was something about the way he spoke that drew people to him. He pondered his choice of words carefully before speaking them, and when he did, they were beautiful and fluid, like poetry. Ludovic Caesar was a man who mostly declined the company of other beings, a man who was more content with his work then with his social life. He was rather ordinary to look at, at least at first, with his slicked back hair and his hazel eyes, but when you looked deeper into these supposedly ordinary features, you would see the frostiness in his smile, the cruel line of his mouth and the sinister glitter in his dark, shadowed eyes.
The people who looked past his charming politeness were troubled by what they saw. Ludovic Caesar seemed to have a different identity hidden behind his smile. This… hidden identity was disturbing, dangerous, like a snake biding its time before it strikes. There was whispered conversation between these few people that Ludovic Caesar was not normal, was not like them.…

To My Sister Becky

Dear Becky,

It pains me to say that, by the time you read this, I’ll have been long gone. Don’t worry about me — just know that my death was instantaneous and painless. My only regret is that I have so irresponsibly left you alone, without someone to provide for you when you need it most. I have gathered quite a lot of money, and there’s also the house, both of which are now yours. They will keep your dialysis going for a long while and should be more than enough to cover the surgery, if a suitable donor is found in the following years.

I suppose the only thing I won’t be able to do is be there for you, to hold your hand, chat with you and just be your friend when you need one. Believe me, I treasured the times that we had together, I really did, and if there was any other way to escape the hell I’m trapped in, I would’ve taken it in a heartbeat.

Becky, the last week has been excruciatingly painful for me. I’ve been shaking all over, my hair has been falling off, sleep is almost out of the question entirely, and it seems to be getting worse.…

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