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The dust was whirling behind their car as they sped down the gravel road. Dust and dirt swirled behind them like a dark cloud gaining on the small car.

David glanced at the dash board to see how fast he was driving and it showed sixty-eight. He wasn’t sure why he was driving so fast; they weren’t exactly in a hurry.

He and his friend, Ryan, were heading across the state after fall break to their school. They were both freshmen at Crestwood University.

Both of them were failing their classes due to all of the initial partying they kept doing. They didn’t care. To David, the thought of being an accountant like his father was like the dust behind them, waiting for them to take a wrong turn so it could catch up with them and choke them out.

“So dude, check this out. Do you remember Amanda Lytle? The blonde chick that used to hang out with my sister?” Ryan asked him.

“Is she the one who posted that video of herself on the internet playing hide and seek with a carrot?”

“Yep, that’s her. I ran into her at Johnny’s party Friday, and I’ve gotta say, vegetables aren’t her only talent.”

They both laughed and continued the topic of choice for awhile.…

Little Girl

Very seldom does it happen that a young person enters a nursing home. Mostly we assume that nursing homes are for the elderly. Those who are too fragile or infirm to be without twenty-four hour care, those with a broken hip that won’t heal or with too many illnesses to count. A few who will recover and the rest left here as a last resort. But occasionally a child inhabits a room at a nursing home. Here is the tale of one such child, and the impression she left behind.

Molly had never been what her parents would consider a good little girl. She was constantly fighting with her mother and attempting to harm her baby brother. Even keeping her medicated, they weren’t able to keep her under control. There were many instances when someone ended up being hurt. It was one of these times that ended with Molly in one of the sick rooms at Riverwood. She had started a fire in an attempt to kill her family, but had instead almost killed herself, after becoming trapped in her room. There had been no real explanation for it. She had just felt compelled to do so.

When they had finally been able to pull her out of the fire, most of her hair was gone; some areas of her body were burned almost down to the charred bone.…

Can’t Help Fate

“I never was a huge fan of myths, legends or any folksy wisdom for that matter. Spooky stories to tell around a campfire had no value to me, except good entertainment of course. You know, a man can spend his whole life living in ignorance, maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be … but sometimes, one is yanked into the unknown without a reason, facing consequences larger than life! Would you call that fate doctor?”

With his legs spread over the firm matrices covering the floor and walls of his prison, a tormented man gazed into the glasses of his doctor. His arms, squeezed tightly into a straitjacket, wrapping his torso mercilessly, making it hard to breathe, let alone talk. Yet, he found the strength to let his thoughts out of the head whose nightmares carved dark, blue circles around the sunken, hazel eyes.

“Mr. Smith, the only way to put an end to Your episodes is a good night sleep. You are experiencing sleep deprivation, leading to hallucinations, common when the brain is more than 3 days without a rest”

With a syringe full of sedative in his right hand, the young doctor paid little attention to the words of his patient, quivering to the sight of it.…

Screaming Jenny

The old storage sheds along the tracks were abandoned shortly after the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was built, and it wasn\’t long before the poor folk of the area moved in. The sheds provided shelter – of a sort – although the winter wind still pierced through every crevice, and the small fireplaces that the poor constructed did little to keep the cold at bay.

A gentle, kindly woman named Jenny lived alone in one of the smaller sheds. She had fallen on hard times, and with no family to protect her, she was forced to find work where she could and take whatever shelter was available to someone with little money. Jenny never had enough to eat and in winter her tiny fire barely kept her alive during the cold months. Still, she kept her spirits up and tried to help other folks when they took sick or needed food, sometimes going without herself so that another could eat.

One cold evening in late autumn, Jenny sat shivering over her fire, drinking broth out of a wooden bowl, when a spark flew from the fire and lit her skirts on fire. Intent on filling her aching stomach, Jenny did not notice her flaming clothes until the fire had burnt through the heavy wool of her skirt and began to scorch her skin.…


At about the age of ten,
I saw him once but not again.
The man who came from out of town,
The man who wore the blood-soaked crown.

It was the night of Friday eve,
Which from my bed I did not leave.
Out my window I stole a glance,
And saw him there just by chance.

He was tall and thin and made of dark,
His mere presence made dogs bark.
For from his shape he whistled high,
A tune so eerie I can’t deny.

He slinked and stepped along the street,
The sound of sloshing at his feet.
A trail of crimson lay behind,
His next victim he was to find.

He grabbed a blade and on his arm,
He carved a line into a charm.
It was how he kept his body count,
Which looked high from the amount.

A small boy play in a park nearby,
With lots of laughter and a joyful cry.
Then the man turned to him,
A deep grey shadow for a grin.

His face had no features that I could see,
Just deep indents where they would be.
His smile grew wide I must confess,
But nothing prepared me for what was next.…

Everybody knows that if you surf the web long enough, you’ll see some pretty sick shit. This is especially true if you intentionally dwell into the dark underbelly of the internet. I’ve seen quite a few things I don’t care to admit to, but one thing that I’ll always remember is a site called “”.

The first strange thing about the site was that I didn’t find it by actually looking for it. It was e-mailed to me by someone I didn’t know. The e-mail was as follows:

Hi there
found this site is very nice thought u might like
pass it on, for the good of mankind
Pretty standard issue chain letter, although the url and the last remark really piqued my curiosity. I was having a very boring day when I got this, so I made sure my anti-virus was working and then I clicked on it.

It was a very average, very generic looking site. It gave the impression that the creators just BARELY gave a shit about making it look professional. The author seemed to have a very tenuous grasp on English, and on the front page was a long, boring, and incoherent rant that I don’t remember or have saved.…

Night Nurse

“Welcome to Riverwood.” The administrator exclaimed, shaking the hand of the new night nurse. Riverwood was the town’s only nursing home. It had been built as a hospital back in the early days of Millville. It was a grand three story building, built in an “L” shape. At the far west end of the building was a bell tower. It no longer sounded, the bell having been removed several years ago. It was on a slight hill overlooking the north end of town and was surrounded by trees so thick that it was rumored that those who tried to escape or walk away got lost and were never found. Riverwood had been the place to take the aged and weary, or the sick and hopeless for many years now. It was the place that many waited for their final breath. It was said that in the beginning of Riverwood, many bad experiments had taken place here. It was also said that many of them went wrong, very wrong. But those days had passed and after several remodels and updates to the building and systems, Riverwood had become a modern, simple living center for those who needed constant care.
“Thank you, Sir.” The young nurse said politely, pulling her hand back to herself.…


The bell on the door chimed softly as Joe entered the small flower shop. Sandra was pissed at him for working late again; she’d made that much clear when he’d rolled in past ten last night.

Who is she, Joe?

Who is who?

The woman you’re screwing.

What are you talking about, Sandy? You know I have the Brinkman proposal to finish by next week. It’s requiring more time and effort than Bob anticipated when he signed us up for the damn thing.

That’s great, Joe. What about time and effort for me, huh? Remember when I used to warrant some of that?

Sandy, I…

Save it. Just…forget it. I’m fine. I have a headache.

She’d gone to bed shortly after that, leaving him to day old takeout and late night talk shows, and wondering how things had gone so wrong. They’d grown up together and Sandra was the first girl he’d ever really fallen for, right around the time most boys stop viewing girls as vectors for the dreaded cootie virus and instead as objects of vague worship and, perhaps, abject terror. When he nervously asked her to junior prom he was surprised when she’d immediately said yes. Ten years later, through college and law school and marriage, they were still together, at least in a legally binding sense.…


Flat on my back, I wake in total darkness.

Where am I? What the hell happened to me? It’s so hard to remember… Was I driving?

My memories are… muggy. It feels like I’m coming off the worst hangover ever. Confused images and sounds flash through my head like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle tossed in a blender. There’s the country bar I go to on Thursdays. Toby Keith playing on the radio. Blinding lights flashing like a strobe. My red Ford pickup driving down Route 22. A deep thrumming sound, crushing in its intensity. Screams. A sexy little brunette leaning over a pool table. It seems like she should be familiar.


The name comes to me from somewhere out of the recesses of my mind. That’s right, her name is Sarah. We’ve been hooking up for a while but really only started getting serious a couple months ago.

Was she with me?

I try to move but can’t. With dawning horror I realize I can’t even feel my limbs.

Ohgodohgodohgod nonono I cannot… I cannot be paralyzed. Jesus, did I get in a car crash? Did I break my fucking neck? No no no this can’t, god, this can’t be happening!…

St. Anne’s Mercy

In Minneapolis Minnesota a long abandoned hospital was under reconstruction. The hospital, St Anne’s Mercy, was original founded in 1802. The hospital housed the quarantined patients suffering from illnesses such Yellow Fever, smallpox and leprosy. It also housed the mentally ill and abandoned of all ages for many years.

In 1924 the hospital was converted into a high security insane asylum until 1957, before it was shut down after a tragic accident claimed the life of a nurse and two small children in an unexplainable fire. The nurse was found standing in the room where the fire started, her features burned beyond all recognition. She pointed to the men who found her and let out a loud wail before she dropped to the ground, dead. Her injuries proving fatal. The bodies of the children were never found.

As of 2006 the hospital was purchased and slated for reconstruction as a fully functional general hospital.

Floor by floor the hospital was cleaned and restored. After a few days of work the construction workers began reporting strange sounds, smells, shadows and a sensation of being choked by smoke. As the work continued bizarre accidents began to plague the construction crew. Light bulbs would shatter without reason, small electrical fires would start in wires and outlets in the walls despite the brand new equipment, the elevator doors wouldn’t open and would frequently get stuck between floors and one unfortunate worker apparently fell to his death while trying to repair the faulty elevator.…

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