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The Moons of Pluto

Up until January 12th of 2047, it was widely accepted that the ex-planet Pluto was accompanied by 5 natural satellites; Charon, Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, and Styx. The crew of the deep space exploration vessel Hermes discovered a 6th moon whilst photographing the distant planet as they orbited Neptune before their final journey home. When Houston was informed of the development, they were underwhelmed to say the least, as any mass as small as Hermes had described was far too small to be interesting in any way. It wasn’t until the second report came in that control showed any interest in exploring the new body.

I was in charge of navigation and system maintenance on the Hermes, which is why I was the first one to notice something strange with the moon. At first, I assumed a technical issue with the instruments, but not one wire or fuse was out of place, and after several diagnostic checks and 2 system reboots, nothing had changed.

Had the pilot known what the instruments were reading, he would have been just as perplexed as I. Every number and calculation pointed to one observation: the small moon had stopped its own orbit. It hadn’t even slowed down before halting.…

Jumping Castles

Craigslist was never intended to be used for disturbed and deranged individuals to fill their appetite for madness. A simplistic website that hasn’t evolved much since its incorporation in 1999, the usage of the website extends beyond buying and selling goods, even into a more insidious realm. Before Craigslist was used for these purposes, there have been internet killers. The term “Craigslist Killer” was first dubbed in 2007 and has since popped up on news bulletins periodically since. Usually stemming from a robbery or sexual interaction, killers like Philip Markoff have used the website to solicit murder by luring victims to them. There is, however, one man you have never read about. He has never been featured on the 6 o’clock news. You will not find a Wikipedia page on the man, nor will you come across a discreet reading on Cracked while you’re flipping through articles.

Until the summer of 2014 I had used Craigslist to advertise possessions I felt were less valuable than the cash I would pocket after selling them to a complete stranger. It was June when I was without a job and desperate for some money like many other of my high school’s newest alumni. Delivering fliers door to door was the first job I acquired through Craigslist.…


I remember I would wake up screaming and nearly drown myself in cold sweat. I’d try to turn on a light or get a drink of water, but I couldn’t even move. It was only a matter of seconds until my eyes would turn into old sepia camera filters, and “they” would appear.
You probably wonder what I mean when I say that. I mean, the figures that defined my childhood, and have stood the test of time. They appeared by my door like always, leaning slowly, stabbing me with those blank, obscured eyes. My lungs felt like they were decaying, and my heart felt like it was draining but keeping me alive long enough to meet the worst possible end. It felt like days would pass before a hand would clearly grasp the frame of the door, and one of them would come forward… but I’d never see it fully. I’d wake up. Then and there, I’d wake up.
I’d always run to the bathroom afterwards. Tonight, though, tonight is different as I have yet to wake up. Hell, I don’t know if it’s night anymore. I’d have the same dream maybe twice a week, but now, I lost track of how many times it’s repeated. …

The Real West Side Market

Almost everyone who has lived, or once been a tourist, in Cleveland, Ohio, has probably visited the West Side Market, an old-fashioned marketplace of generations-old stands selling fresh produce, meat, and spices. Do you ever wonder how the West Side Market was founded, or how the original West Side Market still operates? Officially, the market opened in 1840. A long time ago, but nothing compared to when it truly started.

I’ll preface this by saying that time travel is a very real thing, and a very old practice. It takes courage. You see, time travel helps one to understand things about the world, and themselves, that most people never experience. In short, learning when you will die is a harrowing experience, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone who wants a joyous, spontaneous life. However, through time, some in search of profit have taken that risk, and I suppose you could say that they’ve been rewarded.

The real West Side Market dates back, ironically, to the Middle East around the founding of the Ottoman Empire, about 1300. It was around this time that time travel was first recorded, but between the Arabs and Greeks and their requisite discoveries, this one slipped under the rug for reason that will soon seem obvious.…

Of Time and Life

Pardon the sloppy handwriting, but I’m doing this on the move.
We didn’t mean for it to happen this way. Bottom line is, we made a mistake, but there’s no going back now. The days, if you can call them that, have melted away into meaningless expressions of a life beyond our reach. Well, my reach. The others are gone now, leaving just me in this hell.
It didn’t seem like the best of ideas, sure, but in the moment it was pure curiosity that drove us to investigate the light coming from the woods behind the apartment complex. Pure curiosity that made me follow them to get closer to something bright enough to be nearly blinding during the daytime. Pure curiosity that instilled a desire to extend my hand and, ever so carefully, touch it.

It began to strobe, whatever “it” was, faster and faster… And then, everything was still. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Nothing moved. No birds chirped, no leaves settled, and no wind sighed through the trees. It was all very surreal. For a second we thought we had killed the forest, but we quickly ruled that out when we found a couple of squirrels hovering in mid-air, appearing to have just jumped off of a tree trunk.…

The Bottle

I was only 12 at the time. I was playing in the scrap yard with some of my best buddies. My father was good at all different kinds of things, but flourished on vehicles and motorized machines of any type. He was always hauling in a new broken down truck, or an old busted up washing machine, and had no problem with letting my buddies and me play in the scrap piles that lay in the back yard. We were out one day just messing around, shooting Jon’s new BB gun, which he had just been given for his 13th birthday. We were all eager for our turn to shoot the beautiful Red Rider, so we scrounged up some old cans from a bin my dad kept in the basement and started plinking away.
A few hours later It was starting to get dark, so we decided that it was time to wrap it up and meet again tomorrow.

Dan, who was the smallest and most insecure one in the group, was having his turn with the gun, and shot one last BB at the can. The BB flew right into the can, ricocheted to the left, and hit the front right window of an old F-150 that my dad had brought in last week.…

Fowl Faced Killer

“Have you heard about the Fowl Faced Killer? Apparently, there’s been a string of serial killings all over the country that link back to a guy that wears a leather bird mask.
The murders all occur within the last three months. According to investigators, the majority of the victims are chosen at random, the others were witnesses to his crimes.

The killer has a reputation for brutally murdering all sixty-five of his victims with a baseball bat. In most of the cases, the victims were bludgeoned to death, and in other cases, they were strangled with the bat.

But then there were the more ‘disturbing’ cases, in which the killer would create more gruesomely unique ways to use the bat. It started with Victim Twenty-one, where he choked the victim to death by forcing the handle of the bat down her throat.

He’s also known for leaving a similar piece of evidence at each crime scene. A single crow feather, all from the same bird. But what I’ve found the most chilling is the location and time that two specific killings took place. Victim Forty-seven was killed at 2:35 am on December 19, 2012, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Then, Victim Forty-eight was killed at 1:44 am on the same day, in Jacksonville, Florida.…

John from the Shell Station

I was never a big fan of school. I didn’t like most of my classes in high school, barely had any real friends, and absolutely despised waking up at 5:00 a.m. Myself and my neighbor, Kelly, would get in my car around 5:45 and head to school. Before you ask, Kelly and I had a short fling when she had first moved in next door, but we just weren’t a match. Anyway, living in the backwoods in Geauga County, Ohio, we took the back roads.
There isn’t much outside of main roads out here, but there were a few landmarks to pass on the ten minute daybreak drive. A little country souvenir shop called Farley’s, a few horse and cattle farms, and a little Shell gas station. I guess I shouldn’t say small, but after touring with a band and seeing travel stations outside of Nashville and the like, this place was nothing to call home about.

They carried your typical essentials. Cigarettes, soda, travel razors and toothpaste, normal shit, you know? Anyway, early in the morning, this guy, John, worked the register. He was a pretty creepy dude. Late 40’s, with a big beard, earrings, and a bad eye (his left eye looked similar to that of a blind person’s.) We always called him, “the pirate.” He liked to hit on Kelly, who was 16 at the time.…


A TV series known as ‘Emergency!’ ran from 1972-1979. The show revolved around two paramedic/firefighters as they responded to frequent and varying calls to 911. The show was groundbreaking as it demonstrated real to life, completely accurate techniques and procedures one would expect to see from the newly created field of paramedicine.

After the sixth season the show was renewed. Shortly there after six made for TV movies revolving around the two paramedics, Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto, aired with spectacular ratings.

I was a fan of watching the reruns as a little girl, and as an adult I purchased the entire series on DVD. After watching every episode and movie that ever aired I still wanted to see more.

I went to the internet to see if there were any unaired pilot episodes or even banned episodes that I could locate and watch but found nothing new. I happened upon a chat forum where fans of the show were discussing their favorite episodes, I joined in on the conversation and spent hours reminiscing on this forgotten classic.

When I mentioned my hunt for more episodes one of the members of the forum with the handle ‘Station51isDead’ claimed to have been a writer for the show during the final two seasons and sent me a private link to an obscure, unreleased movie that was aired only once in 1981.…

Slow Descent Into a Sadness Driven Insanity

I ran, I ran as fast as my legs could take me. The acrid smell building inside the hallway made it hard to breathe. I was getting more tired and tired as each ounce of air was released from my lungs. For I knew he was getting closer, I knew that he would eventually grasp my arm with tremendous force, smashing it. I needed to get away. I needed to leave. I woke up sweating with tears coming from my eyes, probably from the fear of my dream. I stood up and before I could even put on any close, my mom entered the room to tell me that school was canceled because of a shooting that happened earlier this morning by a teacher. His name was Mr.Frentzel. He was always a little off in my opinion. Apparently he strangled the math teacher to death and then shot the Principle as he was trying to get the man off of her.

I was trying my hardest to keep this thought out of my mind as I got on my computer and looked at my steam messages. I found a message from one of my iFunny subscriptions notifying me of a giveaway that I won!…

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