January 3rd 2022

Hello? Is this thing on? the lights on…Okay, Hello I’m Eli Clark. I’m an Engineer on “The Angelo” A Mining ship currently circling the Julius System.
A few days ago we were pulled into the orbit of N-2340 Or as it’s more commonly known: Earth 2, We planned to go here to gather resources we were lacking on earth. Such as Oil, Coal, And hopefully a source we could use to make Unlimited Energy which Earth needs.
However as you may have gathered this hasn’t gone exactly well. I’m the only person left.
You see while we were approaching Earth 2 we encountered another mining ship.
The captain decided we board despite objections.
I never saw what happened as most of my work takes place below deck, however all I know is one thing led to another and the Captain is missing a throat.
Sorry if I’m being abrupt or too humorous I know this tape will be the only thing you can use to find out how I died, I just have a habit of doing that when I’m scared.
Derek Moss, One of the main pilots,came down and threw a handgun at me and opened the door and let me into the other ship.
“I’ll be right behind you” I heard him say.
He’s gone now. The door shut too fast and he lost a hand.
Naturally I was freaking out.
The Angelo was on fire.
I decided to get out of the room and into the main hull of the ship.
I didn’t even notice when The Angelo exploded.
I met up with 6 other people, All either Engineers or Medics. I didn’t know their names but I knew their faces as I had worked with them a few times while we were back training on earth.
I noticed one of them pacing and he was a big man, at least 6.5 and he clearly worked out.
“Hey!” The big guy said as he pointed his gun at me.
“Woah, I’m just an Engineer! Don’t shoot” I said.
The man obliged and he holstered his weapon.
“Do you know what’s going on?” I asked.
“Nobody does, the whole damn ship is on lock down” He replied.
It hadn’t dawned on me yet but the lights weren’t on, the only actual source of light in the room was from the Flashlights they were holding.
“How long have the lights been out?” I asked.
” ‘Few days, why you ask?” He shot me a strange look while he said it.
He was lying. While we were docking we saw all the lights on and it wasn’t until The Angelo exploded that they must have gone off.
He locked eyes with me as if he’d read my mind. I slowly reached for my Pistol making sure he wouldn’t notice.
“What? that’s not true!” I heard another man say.
The Big guy’s skin tore open in a second and out came a giant black creature.
I grabbed my pistol and began running, I heard screams and then looked back to see the creature open a hole in it’s chest then swollow up 3 people.
I ran for the hangar and saw that the creature had hit the emergency lock and the doors were falling down.
“Mother fucker…” I muttered and pushed my legs as fast as I could.
I slid under the door and got my arm stuck.
“No no! FUCK!” I yelled in pain as my hand was being crushed under 4 tonnes of force.
I pulled my arm back and didn’t even flinch as I shot at the wrist.
It created a hole which I could then rip open with force.
Blood shot everywhere and my arm came loose.
I ran for the air lock as I saw the creature break through the door.
I pressed the button and the door opened.
I entered the pod and kicked and punched at the button trying, begging the door to go faster.
But, I had made a fatal mistake.
This isn’t an escape pod.
As my lungs collapsed I just managed to hit the button again before I would’ve exploded.
I hid under the window in the door and opened up the recorder.
And this is as far as it goes.
I see the creature now. It’s walking around. My hand is on the Airlock opener. I could end my life now or wait to be killed.
I’m sending this off to bounce around the universe in the hopes that one day the signal hits Earth, I don’t know where or when it should get there but please ____ fo____I____you____

Signal Lost.

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