I recommend reading this one with your imagination going because it will add to effect. This is about a dream I had and I know how dreams can be scary in your head and then not when you tell it so I need you to use your imagination to add graphics. I need you to imagine how scary it was for me and how scared you would be if this happened to you in real like.

I’m going to tell you about the scariest dream I have ever had. I was about 13 and I still don’t like to talk about it as much but this but I thought what the hell I’ll scare a few others with it too. When I had this dream I was around the age of 13 to 14 and I had dreampt that everything was black although everything smelt like a farm and I grew up around farms and ranches so I thought it was pretty normal but then out of nowhere I felt my legs moving like I was running. The weird thing about this was that everything was pitch black and I couldn’t tell if I was upside down, sideways. or right side up. Right when I started questioning things I ended up on a pig farm. I was running but I didn’t know what I was running from although I had a very stern sence to keep running. I didn’t know who or what I was running from but it seemed like I was going in circles and I always showed up in a place more than once. I was so scared that I noticed this but kept running because in my mind I assumed what ever was chasing me would be doing the same. After what seemed like hours I eventually stopped and then my feet started to sink into the ground and I couldn’t move. from behind me I heard a very rash voice that said angry ” I told you not to stop”. I instantly started crying and I didn’t know what to do. Eventually the guy came around to where I could see him. He was wearing a leather mask that went down his neck too. He was wearing cowboy boots, a dirty pear of jeans, and a very old, hole filled shirt. He smelt like he had been dead for a long time and had flies flying aroud him and he didn’t seem to care about it to much. It seemed as if he was use to it. The only thing that the mask wasn’t covering was his icy blue eyes. It seemed as if he was blind and I would have thought so if he wasn’t staring into my soul. I remember the shivers that went down my back and how when he walked his footsteps made a very light crunch on the cravel. I was terrified to move and felt as if I couldn’t. He went into a near by shed for a moment and came out with an ax and jerked my arm and I could move and then he whispered in my ear “Start running again…… If you stop again you will have an ax in your head”. after a little breef second of silence he whispered “Go”. and I woke up with a cold sweat down my back. It may not seem as scary but if you could see what I saw, heard what I heard, and most of all heard and see him you would know how truly awful it actually was. I still have this night mare wonder my mind and it till scares the hell out of me.

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