The proxies are real

Before you read this, please take this as something very serious and very real, not something as a lie and fake. Because very thing in this is very real and true, the reason being is that it’s a true event that has happened in my life. Along with that this is a warning for people’s own good and safe being.

This event happened back when I was a little, around the age of 9 or 10 and still in elementary. It was early in the morning and my mom had taken me and my younger sister to school, so she could take either one of mine or my sisters teachers. We had just gotten out of the car and started walking towards the school, the parking lot for the parents to drop off their kids was downhill and the school was at the very bottom of the big hill. As we were walking down the sidewalk, my mom and sister were in front. I was in the back, because I’m a slow walker and I suddenly heard footsteps behind us. I looked behind me and there was a person following us, who was about three feet away from us. It was a man and there was something very off about him.

At first, I thought he was an illusion since I had a wild imagination back when I was little and so I look forward. But I could still hear the footsteps, looked behind me again and the man was still there. As I looked at the man, I started feeling scared, weak, vulnerable and helpless. My stomach began to turn, faced forward and saw that my mom and sister were a couple of inches away from me. So I picked up my pace and caught up with them, it was when we were away from the parking lot and getting close to the school. We walked along the tennis court and I looked down, saw that my right shoe was untied and told my mom and sister that I needed to tie my shoe along with that I would catch up them. They said okay and continued walking, I went down and re-tied my shoe.

When I was done, I looked behind me again and my stomach turned even more. The man was still there and following, he was now two feet away from me and I felt even more scared. I stood up and took off, ran as fast as I could and caught up with my mom and sister. We reached the first building section of the school, you see my elementary school was outdoors and there was a section of two buildings connected for two classrooms. We went through the hallway of the first building and I looked behind me, the man was still following us. Went through the hallway of the second building, did the same thing again and the man was still following us. It was when we went through the hallway of the third building and I looked behind the corner of the other end of the hallway, the man was gone like he wasn’t even there at all.

I told my mom about it and she said it was probably something of my imagination, when I said it was real. She said it was someone pulling a prank on us or someone was doing it for Halloween, when this happened. It was still in the beginning of the year. The reason of how I found out that the person was one of Slenderman’s proxies was because, later on when I was fifteenth and first learned about creepypasta. I was busy looking up things about Slenderman, when I came across the thing “Slenderman proxies” and it peaked my interest. I looked at some images of it and that was when I saw the appearance of the proxy known as “Masky”, it soon all came back to me. My stomach turned and got the same feelings again, the memory of that event came back and soon realized what I saw was real.

So please believe me when I say this, the proxies of the Slenderman are real and whatever you do when you see one of them. Do not try to do anything of any sort of interaction to them, just try to get away as soon as you can. Please.

Original Author: Anonymous
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