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Welp where do I start..... Im 14 years old, I believe I am a vampire, <3 I love Ben Drowned <3 and <3 Jeff the Killer <3 I love to read and I cant wait to read all of these wonderful, suspenseful, horrifying, stories!! I am British and I was adopted by a wonderful family when I was 8. I wish that people would make Creepypasta an Anime!! I think that would be awesome to have that as an anime. Creepypasta Anime would be my new favorite, but until that happens I love the Black Butler <3 Sebastian Michaelis <3 I am emo btw I Love all of you my beautiful Llamacorns! Yes im opsessed with Llamas and unicorns so I found a wonderful creature that is 50% llama 50% unicorn and 100% Magic!!
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