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Well...about me..hmm. I adore creepy pasta love stories but refuse to have a crush on any of them due to the fact people have ruined that for me. If something is popular to many people I just can't be all about it you know. In most cases that is.. But the exceptions however are a mystery. Hehe. Anyways my favorite colors are black, and white. No I am not obsessed with Laughing Jack... although I won't doubt he is handsomely scary and quite consumed by the demented child. or just mad.. the demented child .. oh of course you would not understand what that is.. it lives in dark places, dark thoughts, grown over abandoned places, etc... what is it. That's for you to figure out. Oh how I do love madness... even though it mostly brings much sadness to myself. I'm just insane. I'm not mad.. But I have this deep crush for others who are obsessive, possessive, crazy, dark, and mad. When I was younger I actually had a crush on Freddy Krueger.. interesting right. Well my favorite bands are Cradle of Filth.. Oh yes how I love the music they make. I also like Disturbed, Dethklok, Mettalica, Gojira, Mastadon, System of A Down, Serj Tankian, Audioslave.. and for the record I liked Audioslave for most there songs and way before they became so popular. One of my very favorite bands is MUSHROOMHEAD!!! Oh yes I love there music so much!!! Anyways I do like animals but I cannot really pick a favorite. A fact is every time I take a quiz for something I almost always get the tiger as being my spirit animal. I'm having a baby boy.. Harlow Harlen Cedric Sievers. If it was a girl it would have been Haven Celeste Sievers. Anyways if you wish to know more about me find a way to ask away.
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