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Storyline: Everything went wrong on that fateful day. It wasn't extreme at first, just a dark feeling. The feeling you get when all you want is to hurt someone….. This is the story of a young teenager, just beginning ninth grade, though her story goes back much farther.Her name is Haili. Haili Homil.When Haili had just turned eight, she had the grandest of parties. She hung out with friends, received presents, and was a generally happy girl.She loved life.................................at first. Over the years after her eighth birthday she became extremely hostile. Towards students, her family, sometimes her friends. As she grew older, that dark feeling became worse and worse, sometimes feeding her dark images. Of her family, limbs askew and eyes torn out. Of her peers, hanging from the rafters, eyeless. And of herself, bathing in their blood. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, only that whatever it was, it was caused by her anger. Anger towards her parents, for calling her names and treating her like she was a small child, like she knew nothing of the world. At her peers, for thinking her eccentric behavior was caused by a mental illness, instead of seeing it as an attempt to show them she knew what comedy was. In order to attempt to cage this darkness, to keep her sanity, she used memories of happiness and fun to keep it at bay. Eventually, the memories grew weaker. Their energy being sapped by the forces that wanted everyone around her dead, to murder them in the most brutal ways. She then did something that would change her forever, she tried splitting her own soul. She split it so many times, that almost every fragment of soul inside her could speak and think on its own. The most prominent one, Nespirah, was like the gatekeeper to the darkness and to the other personalities. Haili’s friend, to say the least. She was the most powerful, being made from the darkness and that of which Haili could spare of her soul. One day, Nespirah didn’t show. That is what caused this fateful day. Haili jumped up with a start, thinking she was late for the bus again, only for the clock to tell her it was interrupting her sleep at 6:30 in the morning. Settling down into her bed once more, she sat snug in her blankets, not wanting to get up to go to school. Eventually, when the clock read 7:35, she got up and went to take the dogs outside. As she was walking around the apartment lot, she shivered from the cold. “This would be a good time for Halloween.” Haili said to herself, imagining buckets full of candy and the smell of cheaply made masks. “Well don’t get eager now, Halloween isn’t today.” Nespirah responded. “I also have a report to make.” Nespirah said, giving Haili an image of the memories that had been destroyed. “The darkness grows more powerful by the day, if you don’t figure out a way to get rid of it soon, it may burst out.” Haili wasn’t worried about this fact, it was nothing new. Her darkness had been growing worse now, going as far as to have songs of terror and blood run through her head day and night. “I have to get ready for school now Nessie,” Haili lamented. “You know what day it is, and I would hate to be late for the last day of spirit week.” Haili quieted down, shushing Nespirah in the process, and approached the door to her apartment. Inside, she quickly wiped the paws of her dogs off, and went to the kitchen, where she packed her lunch and ate cereal for breakfast. She made sure her bookbag was packed and that she had decent clothes on, and looked at the clock. It read 8:09. She sat down at her computer, and watched youtube for a while until she had to leave for the bus. She went back outside once more and enjoyed the cold air once more. As she was sitting at the bus stop, she looked up at the few cirrus clouds in the sky and tried to see if she could make out any shapes with them. Haili thought she saw something strange in the clouds. Peering into the sky with her dark emerald eyes, she thought she saw the wispy clouds make a skull. Dismissing it as her imagination working overtime, she tried to warm her hands by using her breath. It only worked for a few seconds, and it turned worse as the humidity in her breath coated her hands in moisture. Shivering, she placed her hands in the pockets of her black hollister hoodie. A sound she recognized was coming to her left. The bus roared next to the curb at which she was sitting and a few people were standing at, and waited as the people before her got on. Haili climbed up the steps and walked towards the back of the bus and took an empty seat. As she was being sped along to school, she was thinking about her favorite stories, as a pastime. She still couldn’t shake the feeling the cloud was a bad omen. (After school) Haili came home and saw her parents, said hello, and took her dogs out again. By this time the air was moderately warmer than this morning, which was a good thing. Haili was thinking out loud to herself again, but this time Nespirah didn’t respond. Haili thought this was strange, but dismissed it as Nessie just resting for a while. While she walked along, she felt content as the warm autumn wind lifted her hair from her shoulders and made her eyes water. She looked into the sky again, wondering if the clouds were still making strange shapes. She looked up only to see no clouds in the sky at all, so the cirrus clouds probably disappeared. Haili walked on back to her apartment and went back inside. “Could you give them water?” Her mother asked. “Yeah, I’ll do that.” Haili washed her dogs bowls, gave them water, and started washing the dishes. After she was done, Haili went to her bathroom so she could start to clean it, since today was bathroom day. While she was cleaning the bathtub, the last part of what she had to do, she felt something strange that caused her to worry. Haili felt like she wanted to kill. She would have thought this was normal, as her darkness tried everyday to turn her, but this time….this time……….it was stronger. Finishing the tub, she went into her room and opened her computer. Haili opened skype and manyland, a game she loved to play, and settled on to her bed and started playing manyland and talking to her friends. She played until 8 something, and then started doing homework. While she was doing homework, the feeling came back. It was stronger than before, almost like no one was watching it, like the person who was supposed to be watching it was…….dead. Finishing the rest of her homework, she heard her parents say dinner was ready. Haili closed her computer and went to go eat with her parents, but she felt really weird. Like she was craving something else, as she looked upon one of her favorite foods. Pizza. No. Haili wanted something different. Something…..fleshy. She didn’t let what she was feeling show, since by this time she excelled at hiding her emotions. Handy trick. Haili finished her pizza without complaint, since she was still craving something else, and began washing the dishes. After she was finished, she played manyland a while longer, and went to bed. As she laid down, she started hearing faint whispers coming from outside. They sounded like the wind weaving between leaves, but much too intelligent. Static noises and deep voices. Maniacal laughter. Then she heard the screaming. Not far off either. Jumping up softly and creeping to her window, she peered through the blinds ever so slightly. The space she was seeing through was only about thumbnail big. As Haili peeked out, she could make out only the outline of a white hoodie, and the legs of a very large red and black dog. Leaving the window as fast and quietly as she could, she heard a soft snap come from outside her window. She quietly ran towards the closet and closed herself in. Then, she was surprised at herself, for she felt anger. Anger towards her parents, anger towards everyone who thought they could scare her, change her, manipulate her…… Do it. Who was that? Haili heard static from in front of the door to her closet. Scared, she opened the door. Only to reveal a man with a black tuxedo on, and a red neck tie. The most surprising thing however, he had no face. Do it, you know you want to….. Through shaking breath Haili said, “I-I d-don’t know w-what you w-want me to do” Yes you do, you can hear me. I can see it inside of you. She thought long and hard about what she was assuming to be a man, meant. Here let me help you…. He reached out slowly and touched her forehead with his cold hand Haili felt it before it happened, her darkness, exploded She first felt all of her anger rushing through her, writhing like a snake inside of her veins. Stumbling past him she desperately searched for anything sharp enough to pierce flesh. Looking around through the hazy blackness beginning to cover her eyes, she headed towards the door. Haili tried the knob once, twice, three times. It wouldn’t open. She hadn’t locked it, but before she could find something to break the door with, a searing pain covered her eyes. Pain so severe, it felt like they were on fire. She was screaming as loud as her voice would allow her, her throat becoming raw. Haili heard her parents banging on the door, calling out to her. She heard her father say he was going to call the police, and the pounding of his footsteps as he searched for the nearest phone. He wasn’t going to make it. Haili looked up at the faceless man, “Why?” He was looking at her and spoke in her mind, as he had been doing the entire time. This was inevitable, I just helped it along, otherwise it would have been much much worse. The searing pain in her eyes reached maximum point. It felt like a thousand knives piercing her skull. There were no sharp objects, so she had only one choice. Reaching into her sockets, Haili pulled her eyes until they slid with great difficulty from her skull and then pulled, pulled with the searing pain from separating her eyes from her skull. She pulled until finally, Haili heard a snap and she couldn’t see anything, no darkness, no color. Nothing. Her mind then slowly started to warp, becoming licentious and twisted. Laughing maniacally, she felt the handle of a carving knife being placed into her hands. Let me fix it. “But I like it!” Haili Homicide said, her smile growing tiring. You will like this better “Oh, alright, do your thing.” Feeling a cool sensation beneath her hollow eye lids, Haili opened her eyes. Her new, better eyes. Ones made from the very darkness inside of her. There was a slight problem, as they leaked, but it pleased her. She could hear sirens in the distance, and maniacal laughter coming from outside, she had to hurry. Approaching the door, she unlocked it and threw it open. Looking upon her parents frightened faces, she rushed at them with the knife gleaming above her. Haili chased them to the room, only to have the door slammed in her face. Haili could feel the faceless man behind her, egging her on to use her new powers. Feeling the lock on the other side of the door, she reached out with her anger, and imagined the lock melting from the other side. Her parents screamed in terror. She headed towards them. “Do you see a failure now?” She whispered. “DO YOU??” Haili Homicide’s father tried to tackle her, but thanks to her newfound powers, she threw him off and snapped his neck with a satisfying crack. Looking at where her father’s body now lay, she saw the blood pooling around him and gushing from his neck. He’s staining the carpet a delightful red. She thought to herself. “Now let’s see what you look like on the inside.” Raising the sharpened knife, she swung upward, drawing a deep angry gash from the bottom right side of her face to the top left. Her mother was crying, “Why….Why do you hate us?” To which Haili responded. “WHY? WHY DO I HATE YOU?? Well, that answer is simple. You and the others, the people who have doubted me. You made me feel like my life, MY LIFE, was not my own. You called me names, bastard, bitch, slut, dumbass. So why should I be denied this simple revenge. I really did love you, but you are the ones who caused the darkness, but blamed everything on me. You blamed me for not cleaning, for you looking at my computer and then getting into four hour arguments, for making MYSELF feel like shit. So you know what, love does not conquer all. You can tell all your little friends about it in hell.” Haili Homicide sliced across her mother’s neck, and ripped her mother’s head clean off, watching as the blood oozed from the stump. Looking at her handywork, she suddenly felt very hungry. So, using her new knife, she sawed out the eyes of her parents and ate them. She chewed them and thought they tasted a lot like jelly. Bloody jelly. She turned around to face her new friend, the faceless man. Come, you have done what you needed to do, Jeff and Smile dog are waiting for us in the forest. Follow me. Following her friend, they went out of the window in her parents room and landed softly in the grass, she noticed that the sirens sounded much closer now than they had before. Haili turned around to follow her friend and raced after him into the forest. He stopped, and she leaned to look around him, only to see the same white hoodie and the black and red dog from before. But now that she wasn’t looking through a window, she noticed that the teenager with the white hoodie had a smile cut into his face, and the dog was also smiling but he had human teeth. Jeff, Smile, meet our newest member, Haili Homicide. As Haili stepped out, Jeff turned to her and said, “You look like you’ll be loads of fun.” She responded with, “I like your smile, can I have one too?” Jeff smiled even more at her and said to the faceless man “Slendy, can I teach her please?” The faceless man, who she now assumed to be named Slendy, nodded. He then said We need to go to the hotel first and get her a room. Haili Homicide was confused. What hotel? Wouldn’t someone be searching for them? Then, out of nowhere, she felt a pang of sadness and regret. What had she done? Her parents are dead. She started crying, and felt her normal eyes return and the blackness to disappear, then it flashed back. “Slendy,” she said feeling woozy and tired, “What’s going on?” Jeff, we need to get her to the hotel. NOW The last thing she remembered was jeff picking her up, and then them running. Haili Homicide woke up to a bed of soft red velvet, and opened her eyes. Noticing that they had changed back to the ones Slendy gave her, she set her feet on the fuzzy pink carpet, and headed down the hallway to the lobby floor. When she arrived, she went to the main room and walked into what seemed like a meeting between all of the people of the hotel, but they weren’t human. There was an elf with black and red eyes, a black and white clown eating candy, and so many more. The one she recognized was Slendy, and he got up and asked her to sit with them. As she sat down, Haili noticed more than one pair of sinister eyes locked on to her. Slendy spoke to them, We have a new member. I know you are all not used to having people join us, but this one shows promise. I expect you will treat her well and teach her. Then, to Haili’s surprise, they all got up and started to talk to her. They acted like they had been friends for years. Each one wanted to show them something new she could do, and most of it had to do with the best way to terrify someone, or the best way to carve them open. Haili was really happy, even though earlier she had felt so sad. She made her way to Slender Man, as she soon discovered that Slendy was his nickname, and she asked him why she had felt sad earlier. He told her that she had loved her parents, and that same light was trying to break through once more and to turn herself in so she would never harm again. He also told her that jeff wanted to see her. Haili went to Jeff and asked what he wanted to see her for. “You said you wanted a smile, so I am going to help you. Come on.” She thought he was smiling at her, but she wasn’t sure since he always seemed to be smiling. She followed him into a room stark white, with a single mirror adorning the wall farthest from them with a chair in front of it. Jeff turned to her, “Do you want to do it yourself?” He handed her the same knife she had before. She responded with, “I at least want to try.” Raising the knife as she looked in the mirror, and started to push the edge of the knife into her flesh. Unfortunately, she teared up and cut the area right above her mouth. Haili could feel the leaking of her blood down her face and she tried to wipe the tears away. “Here let me do it before you carve your face,” Jeff said. He took the knife from her and had her sit in the seat. He carefully sliced the corners of her mouth to a suitable length, and she felt as the blood seeped into her mouth. Then, as soon as it started, the bleeding stopped. “Huh, Fast healer.” Jeff said. She looked into the mirror and she thought she looked amazing. She even tried shifting back into her normal form, which thankfully didn’t change her demented mind anymore. Haili was happy to see that the cuts around her mouth healed and weren’t visible in this form and the one above her mouth was just a tiny scar. Turning back to her pure form, she thanked Jeff and he said, “Welcome to the Creepypastas, Haili Homicide.”
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