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Hello fellow creepypasta fans!~ I am Jujubee0221. You may call me Juju, Bee, or 0221! Hehe! I enjoy the deep web, I simply love doing research on it! Anyway, I am obsessive, possible mental disease(s), Yandere, Roleplayer, Gamer, and yeah. My favorite games are; Slender: The 8 Pages, Five Nights at Freddy's (ALL), Fanmade FNAF games, Welcome To The Game, Silent Hill P.T, Minecraft, Emily wants to play, Monstrum, Undertale, and many more! I also love cats. That was so random I could smell it. Well, I truly don't what to do m8. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? I like word play. But w8. Hehe. I also have a Quotev account the @ is TheJujuAnimtronic and yeah! Bye for now, friends.... Hehehe....
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