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My name is Marki. I'm 21 and infatuated with Horror EVERYTHING. I grew up with the flicks and obviously fell in love with Hellraiser so decided to read Clive Barker's Book of Blood and although I enjoy fiction drama more than horror once I was introduced to Barker, King and Koontz, I could not stop. Thank god it runs in the family and my b-horror loving sister introduced me to this site. Hopefully I can work up enough nerve to write and post my own pasta soon :p Aside from that, I'm an animal lover, just had a baby girl. Want to eventually have my entire body tattooed including the infamous "here's Johnny" face on my arm. Book Junkie, Movie Fanatic Cigarette smoker and Living it up Sober <3 And...I'm terrified to sleep alone in the dark. Ha.
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