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Name: Leopard 'Leo' Nicole Otakuna Age: 14 Hair: Silver Eyes: Pink Family: Nico di Angelo [half brother], Hades [father], Hazel Levesque [half sister], Percy Jackson [cousin], Thalia [cousin], Jason Grace [cousin], Kai Smith {BFF} Likes: Books, fandoms, peoples (most of the time), food, anime, manga, fighting, shadow travel, reading, writing, music Dislikes: Cursing, bullies, arrogance, Ares, people questioning her strength, sushi, hamburgers, football Other: Has a tendency to threaten people over small things, but doesn't usually carry through with the threat unless they do something really bad; has more control over shadows than any of her siblings; the only curse she uses is bitch, the others, she substitutes with her own 'curses'; if she dies, she's grounded for about a week, then is sent back up because she annoys Hades too much; she and Thanatos are good friends; is promised to Anubis; hates stereotypes;
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