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I don't really want to say much but I'll say a few things like how I came to liking creepypasta and etc. ( I might just end up saying a lot ) And will proudly say that I'm an otaku. Also I,m female and I thought I should say that in case someone tries to assume my gender. I ended up reading some of the creepypastas after my friend told me to read the creepypastas and I decided I would and I wanted to read some of the main ones but I didn't read them right away. My cousins came over a few days after and one of them let me listen to the audio of Jeff The Killer and I liked it then a few weeks later I ended up reading Smile Dog, Slender Man, and BEN Drowned, Laughing Jack, The Asylum, and Annie is Typing, Leo, Eyeless Jack, etc. Well I think I've said enough for now. ( I was right about typing a lot )
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