Inherited Talent


You know it was weird. Things like this always are actually.

So when people die, they leave wills, and distribute their material things amongst others. Sometimes, strangers do it too, and you’re left with a confused feeling. Everyone has that friend or something, and you promise each other your things when you die. Or it’s your roommate’s stuff that they left behind when they have no family. Stuff like that.

Well, see, about three, or was it four, months ago, something like that happened. A friend of mine from high school, got in touch with me a month before it all happened. And then when that month passed, I found out that this friend left me an inheritence. I was entirely confused, let me assure you; I got a lot of their stuff brought to me, to go through. Albums, frames, notebooks. There was a lot of stuff. But I also got other things, like credit cards, phones, computers. Actually, it was one of their cellphones that caught my eye the most.

It looked like a regular phone, one of the older types actually. A flippy phone you can say. I think it was a Nokia? But I was curious and tried it. The battery was good, and I saw that a memory card was in. There were two random text messages, one of them a reference from Final Fantasy, which I laughed about, and the other their last address. They kept those as if trying to remember stuff. There was some music too actually.

Anyways, what caught my eye were the drafts. Like, two were names, Steam ones actually as it had a – Steam tied to it. And the other one was a note for a liked song. But the other texts.. were weirder. They had the maximum in length for a text, which is about 5 pages of it, and one was just numbers. It was a phone number, and I’d figured I’d text or call it later. So I sat down to read the full length texts. I was curious on how my friend changed. There were no dates, so sorry about that. I didn’t take pictures either. The phone isn’t around anymore so I can’t even take pictures, so take me at my word. I remember every single word. I just can’t forget. This is the first message.

– ”I don’t know what to say anymore. I just love you. And the closer we get the more it feels right. I just have a hard time trusting it. So what can I do if this is just so complex? I cant even see straight. Seriously. This just makes me all messed up inside. I love you. So damn much. I keep slamming into your wall. I’m so happy. But that wall will kill me. It will crush me if I am not careful. I am like a wandering butterfly caught by winter. And I cant help but be spiteful towards you sometimes. I want to raise those things that you hide from everyone. And I know you hate it but someone has to. And I hate it but.. I love you too much to just let it go. I just can hope that you want me as much. Just that would make me happy. As long as its you truly.”

So I noted that some grammar was missing. Probably was trying to save space. To me it sounded just like something that happened with my ex not too long ago actually. It tugged at my heart. Of course, I didn’t realize it back then, but the moment I had read that, I felt a bit different. I can’t really explain it, but it felt like I had just broken something. I cried a bit, wondering how pained my friend must have been to write that. How much in love they were. It was beautiful, but heart-rending all together. And then I decided to read more, and I really wished I stopped there. But here’s the second one.

– ”Life is a strange mosaic. Shattering is a strange connection a rift in all possibility. Curving and soth and yet uncouth round designs become a myriad of dusted butterfly wings sparks of glitter that move a mind of poor quality. It shoves the perception of all things into a change of soothed death. Yet it holds nothing but the verbose colors of absolute sin. Such things dance a ballet of soul and body. leaving only the traces of our joint mindlessness. Is such the paths that seek our wills? All that remains are the pale veils of our time together – just a farscape that speaks but in hazes of needs. Such a thing is but the touch of hoping despair.”

This was weird, but not creepy yet you see. I thought that someone else had wrote that, or it was a quote from a book. I used the internet to find out, but nothing. I really couldn’t match that sort of attitude to the previous message. When I read it, I felt a chill. I got pretty sick for a couple days after that, down with a cold. It was winter after all at that time. So it wasn’t knew but I couldn’t get over it. I felt so cold, so.. empty in a way. I just couldn’t stand it. Slowly it faded from my mind, so I decided to check another message. Actually, the message after this was the number. I decided to text that later once more. I thought I had time. So I read on.

– ”What is this melody in my mind? I hear it calling, whispering, needing, begging. Why? I couldn’t answer you that. It was just painful. It screamed, over and over again my name. It wanted me somehow. Yearning even. What did it want from me? Why couldn’t anyone hear it? I couldn’ tell you. It just whistles in my mind. It sounds like static from an old tv: just this ringing in my ears. It never stops: though I hear it less when around everything else. But when it’s quiet? That’s another story. I can hear it then. A voice. It speaks to me. I cant hear the words. Not with my awake mind. Thought some part of me can. Thats what the fear in my mind is. What that voice want? Is in there I think. I will find out though. Soon.”

See at this point I was freaked out. A strange phone, a friend that died where no body was found, and these weird, almost insane messages? It might have been pieces of a book, after all my friend was a writer. But I just.. I couldn’t think that. There were mistakes, things in there that seemed hurried, panicked. So I just felt like I was being either played a horrible joke from the grave, or that something was truly, utterly off. But part of me was excited. Was this one of those creepy pasta I heard about? Maybe my friend was trying to write one. I wanted to see what mind had made these. I can’t explain why I was curious about that specifically. I just wanted more of the story. At this point, there were three messages left. So I turned out the next one.

– ”I can’t. I hear them all the time now. The truth. Don’t look. Just don’t. It will kill you. It will kill me. I know it. I saw it. If I had earlier I would be like them. The talented die young they say. And its true: the only way out is death… Or destroying yourself until you become blind again. But I cant. No way out. So what do I do? I have to warn. I doubt I will save anyone. But I can try. That is what I need to do. Try. Its all I have left. And that is perhaps why I hang on. Though for how long? I don’t know. Don’t look. Stay blind. That’s how you make it. It scares me. Just don’t follow. I know you will try.. But don’t. It will get you too. And then it will be my fault. So run: stay blind to everything. So long. I always loved you. So stay safe.”

Right definitely freaked out at this point. And it hit home. Actually I heard that my friend was a pretty genius like person. They were making heavy advancements in psychology and writing therapy. They had a few books, and I was a fan somewhat. Their books were heavy, and beautiful in a way. And plus, I had a giant crush on them in my teenage years. We never got together, but that was one of the one times I regretted not asking them out. So this message hit home hard. To know that they loved me was powerful. There were still mistakes of course, but I had to read the next one. Although I had questions, I had to read the next message. I wish I had taken pictures now, all this time later, but I didn’t.

– ”What is love? is it free is it hurting? I cant tell sometimes – hurting and spinning out of control – what is this? I cant control it. I feel strange and weird. Out of place even. The chill goes down my neck – a whisper of the solitude I feel. But that is prose : its just the wind. No need to render myself more melancholic – I rise. at last it would seem like. But I still doubt. I waver in the breeze. what am I to discover? Do I want to go into another world? I am truly afraid to be fair. I want a companion close to me by my side. A partner. That is what I desire most. Someone to share my path with. That way I would never be alone. That is a goal harder then life itself. It is like searching perfection. Impossible and yet worthy. Still sometimes I hope.”

It was like one of the others ones. I thought for sure they were writing a book, my friend that is. But I couldn’t place it in any of the manuscripts I got handed over, and more so, it just seemed too close to me to shake it off. What were these messages? It was like several different people wrote them. The last message was much shorter. I made up my mind, after that one, to text that number. I had a feeling that it was saved for a reason. But I had to read the last message first.

– ”Dark. that was all I knew. The hate and darkness was all I needed. I didn’t mind being alone. I just had to trust myself and thats it. It was how I made it through everything. The abuse and the bullying and the deaths.”

Now the way that this had left me had me pretty down. I mean, as I’m writing this out, I’m remember more and more of it. My leg is shaking. So I texted that number. Passed the hello, the who are you. Found out that the number belonged to another friend of that friend. I asked some basic stuff, and that person just told me to look in the creepy pasta folder. Part of me was excited. Maybe this was just a creepy pasta to entertain me, my friend knew I loved those. So I booted the computers, and finally found the folder. I hoped it would finish there. But when I opened it, there was nothing. So I did a file recovery. Nothing. I shut it off and went to bed, disappointed.

When I woke up that morning, files were in that folder. Maybe I had been too tired to see them the first time, but one of them was a bunch of creepy pasta. Slenderman, Ben, all that nice stuff. I was so damn happy. But reading through it, I felt weird. I knew they were pasta, but I just couldn’t shake off things. To confirm that feeling, I looked up the actual pasta itself. And then I knew. These were different versions. One my friend had written and it made me happy. But I also felt.. wrong. Like why would my friend reword all of these pastas? That’s when I heard it. That weird noise you hear when an old TV from the 90’s was on. It was static but not. I shook my head, since it happened sometimes.

And nothing happened for a month. Now we come to today. I can hear it, and I feel scared. Because the words that were written in those messages, are coming back up. I scrapped the messages, donated the phone, and stuff like that. But I just.. feel weird. I don’t see faces, and I hear faint voices, and I feel cold. So very cold. I keep seeing weird things, like parts of the pasta symptoms. Like my computer freaking out. Or a shadow of Slenderman. It might be because I reread them like thirty times.

Looks like I had a nose bleed. I’ll clean this up later. I just feel like I should post this. Before I fall asleep. Actually, I’ll send it to my other friend, the one that was with me and that friend. Send it and let them make heads and tails of it. I’m so tired. I’ll ask them to post it in two weeks. Night, this feels like a lame pasta ending though haha. Well goodnight pasta people! I’ll try to decode the messages tomorrow.


That was the document I recieved. Now I have posted it. I am the friend that they are talking about in the end. I have not seen this person in two weeks. All of their stuff came to me, along with this e-mail. I am unsure of what happened, but that’s two of them missing. Actually, they are confirmed dead. Each time, parts of their jaws, incinerated, turned up. Enough to ID. I’m starting to hear the noises too. But I will post this. I will not hand out names of those good people. But my friend became suddenly genius like within those two weeks within something. I’m growing amazing talent too. Maybe it is a curse. After all, of the ones that were talented, either die young or cruelly. Van Gough. Kurt Cobain. Look it up.


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  • Commented on January 19, 2015 at 5:20 am

    I liked it, could have sworn “friends” were talking about me and a friend of mine.

  • Commented on January 19, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Um。。。This was not good, You did a lot of work but its not good, at all. I think you should rewrite it, the beginning was ok you didn’t even explained the thing that was killing them or the thing that was killing them was static noise? or the shadows?。The tags are not descriptive, you should add creatures。I though this was going to be a mindfuck, because it has the same type of steps but no, not a tasty pasta at all。

  • Commented on January 19, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    Don’t trust my judgement alone. I really like the intro but the story just proceeded into something bland. I felt like I was in for something good at the beginning but then I just got sad right after (not driven by the story). It strangely lacks depth despite the flowery stuff.

  • Commented on February 27, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    not so good. try again 🙂

  • Commented on March 16, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    First bite was delicious. After that, the taste went bland and lost flavor. Definitely left a very bad aftertaste in my mouth. .5/5

  • Commented on April 10, 2015 at 12:42 am

    I do admit it wasn’t very good but i think you tried your best…… i won’t be a hater! =)

  • Commented on April 20, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Intro is good, the rest are not.

    The ending seems rushed, simply names of people to look up were given.

    Wordy but not creepy.

  • Commented on June 6, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    It started good but honestly I lost interest and didn’t even finish reading it. Don’t give up though.

  • Commented on August 12, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    pretty good in the beginning but turned bland after that hope you do better next time

  • Commented on November 30, 2015 at 3:12 am

    It needed something more, can’t put my finger on it

  • Commented on July 17, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    not bad but lacking depth
    I would like a re make though

  • Commented on July 26, 2016 at 12:43 am

    good but not great and a few annoying punctuation mistakes

  • Commented on July 27, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    Meh. You seem to have the talent to write something so much better.

  • Commented on November 26, 2016 at 6:15 am

    Ugh you guys are so damn hateful!

    The story was great love,you got me on edge!
    Keep up the great work hun

  • Commented on August 5, 2017 at 3:31 am

    Pretentious drivel.
    I know you tried, and I respect that; maybe less train of consciousness and more simple declarative sentences with a clearer timeline would pull your ideas together.
    Attaining genius through inheritance or what not, whilst NO evidence of genius is indicated in ANY way, is too adolescent and grandious to be a sympathetic premise. Try writing more simply. This is at best, just a somewhat random collection of words.

  • Commented on August 5, 2017 at 3:40 am

    Grandiose Autocorrected Wrong. My Apologies.

  • Commented on May 27, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    near the end it wasn’t the greatest, but it was definitely a good story.

  • Commented on October 7, 2019 at 6:51 am

    I literally forgot about this! wow what a blast of the past!

    to everyone who liked it: aww thank you! it makes me happy that someone enjoyed it! I know it’s really not the best thing out there – I was still working out a few things at that point in life – but the fact that you enjoyed it makes me happy.

    to everyone who thought the start was great but the rest bland: please elaborate? getting feedback of ‘it’s bland’ is just not-descriptive. what was bland about it? where did it turn bland? where does the interesting part end, and the meh begin? it’s like saying ‘I don’t like this’ to a chef, and then not explaining that you didn’t like the cheese. how can someone improve without guidance? just commenting to comment and not actually trying to help will not improve anything. probably just frustrate you and the writer. but I appreciate the attempt nonetheless

    in general: this was legit my first attempt at trying this. it was on a whim, and honestly speaking I know I could have probably done better. I wanted to play around with the concept a little, see if I couldn’t write anything interesting. I think what ended up passing over most people’s heads, is that the ending is intended to be abrupt, vague and undefined. I wanted it to give the impression that something was missing – that the whole story wasn’t there. I avoided using actual names for the purpose of people being able to fill this in with their own names. to give people a chance to name the characters. did you name them ben, ashley? after people you know, or characters you love? but clearly, a lot of that fell flat and I can understand. honestly, names that might be common to me, might be alien to a reader from a different place ( like do you know anyone named Gertrude? I had a friend named that ) and thus just kind of disconnect them. but like I said, I probably didn’t do this the best, and that’s ok. nobody succeeds on the first try, even if sometimes they just don’t show it.

    I could blame a lot of things. like the place I was majorly writing in at the time being vastly pretentious or just wanting to write huge blocks of things whilst saying nothing. I could blame the fact that I was honestly just doing it for fun, out of randomness, without really planning or writing things down other then my own inspiration. But in the end, it’s an opinion. I can appreciate people not liking it – in fact I’m surprised people liked it! also, on the vein of punctuation mistakes, english is not my first language! I know I still slip up and make mistakes, but that happens to everyone!

    but I’ll address two people I think were pretty specific!

    cream: does a story always need a clear cut villain? does every fear, every monster need to be brought to the light, identified? I basically was trying to leave it vague, to the reader’s imagination. was it a disease? a conspiracy? a monster? or did the people that read these end up seeing something, and going mad? I wanted the reader to make their own theories. also I’m dumb and accidentally hit the report button my bad ;.; I had no idea what it did I’ve literally not been here in years LOL

    selkie: I can see your point, but I will have to slightly disagree. I wanted it to be a stream of consciousness, for the reader to sit along with the user’s through process – the draw the same conclusions the character did. I have no idea where you got that the genius was inherited? I pretty clearly meant ‘things that people pass on when they are dead’ as inheritance. but I guess the assumption can be made that whatever ‘knowledge’ was contained in the texts + files, was also an ‘inheritance’ of sorts. but heck if I know, it’s been four years! to be fair, re-reading it, I seriously wonder where the hamfisted genius friend I had a crush on blah blah happened…

    this has gotten pretty long but: if anyone would like to comment my comment and my story, go for it! if you aren’t satisfied with it, please let me know what was wrong! horror has always been a favorite type of mine, both in video games and reading, so I’m always looking for ways to improve! with enough advice, I might even re-write it, see if I can’t shape something better! I will thank everyone single one of you for your comments, thank you! I hope you are all having a great day, all these years later!

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