FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Creepypasta?

Creepypasta is the internet definition for short stories designed to unnerve, disturb and frighten the reader. Some notable examples of Creepypasta are The Portraits, Candle Cove and The Rake.

The term "Creepypasta" originates from the similar internet slang term "Copypasta" which refers to posts made by simply copying some text and pasting it as your own post. This is often seen on online imageboards such as 4chan's /b/ or /x/.

A Creepypasta may claim to be the absolute truth, while other Creepypastas are written purely for frightening entertainment. It's up to you to decide truth from fiction...

2. How can I submit a Creepypasta?

To submit a Creepypasta to this website you need to Create an Account.

After you have created and activated your account you can start submitting Creepypastas. Please make sure to read our Submission Rules carefully before you start doing so, as breaking these rules might lead to your account being permanently banned.

Once you are ready to submit a Creepypasta you can click the Submit Pasta button, which is located near the top of the page. From there on everything will be self-explanatory.

3. How does the reviewing system work?

On this website the submissions are reviewed by the users themselves. Everyone that has an account can review new submissions. The reviewing system is designed in such a way that it gives the most knowledgeable and active users the most influence.

Every time a user reviews a Creepypasta they have to either approve or reject it. Approving or rejecting a Creepypasta will add their current influence score to the chosen vote. Once the approval or rejection count reaches a certain threshold it will be approved or rejected, whatever reaches the threshold first.

To prevent cheating in the reviewing system I will not go in detail about how many approvals or rejections it takes to reach the threshold.

4. Why was my submission rejected?

Your submission has been rejected because it did not meet the quality standards for this website. If you have followed the Submission Rules correctly and your Creepypasta was still rejected then you should see the rejection stats for that Creepypasta. These can be found by going to your profile and then clicking on the rejected Creepypasta. These rejection stats are only visible by yourself.

You may resubmit your Creepypasta after it has been rejected, but only the updated and improved version of it. Do not submit incomplete Creepypastas and expect some sort of feedback on it.

5. Someone took credit for a Creepypasta I wrote! What do I do?

The best thing to do is to contact the Admin and tell him about your situation. Any proof that you are the original author of the Creepypasta will greatly help in this process.

6. Can I use a Creepypasta for my project?

I often get emails from people asking me if they can use a Creepypasta on this website for their projects. May it be a film, book, painting or whatever. The answer is "I don't know". The submissions made to this website are not owned or created by me, we are merely hosting them. Your best luck is to Google the author or try to contact them in the comment section.

As a rule of thumb, assume that all authors that chose to remain anonymous would love to see their work in another form of media.

7. What will happen to my donation?

Your donation will be used primarily for maintaining this website. This includes everything from server costs to developing or purchasing new features.

If all of our expenses are being met by donations then I may use your donation to develop websites similar to this one. These will be free to use websites for everyone on the internet. My goal is to create websites that make the internet a better and more fun place for everyone!

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