What is Influence?

Influence is mostly used on the reviewing page. Users with low Influence will find that their vote (approval or rejection) will count significantly less than users with high Influence. This system is set up so that it only encourages the highest quality Creepypastas to be approved.

Every new user starts with 0 Influence. The maximum amount of influence one can have is 1000. To learn more about how to increase your Influence please see the "How can I get more Influence?" section.

How can I get more Influence?

You can gain more Influence by helping out in one of the following ways.

  • Reviewing Creepypasta submissions
  • Having your Creepypasta submission approved
  • Posting helpful comments
  • Reporting bugs or glitches
  • Sending in feedback or new ideas
Leave Feedback / Report Glitch