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Regarding Pending Submissions

Hey everyone, it’s be a while since I’ve posted some news here!

For the past few months you guys have been sending me a lot of emails asking about when your submissions will be reviewed, which is understandable. Right now, the reviewing system is really slow, and it takes way too long before new submissions are being reviewed. There have also been cases of people abusing the reviewing system to gain influence and sabotaging the whole process…

I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be updating the website and the reviewing system somewhere in the next few months. I will also be adding all the promised features that are listed in the first news post called “New Website!”.

After the website has been updated I will send out an email to everyone that has a submission in queue for reviewing. You will then have to follow the instructions in that email to make sure that your submission is not deleted. This will hopefully clear the submission queue of junk submissions and will allow for even faster reviewing.

I hope this clears up some questions for all of you!

New Website!

Hello there everyone. I am proud to announce that is finally completed! (for the most part anyway)

As some of you might know is the official successor of which has been in beta ever since it was released. I was not satisfied with state of that website as it still required a lot of work to keep the website up and running.

The most important change is that the website is now fully maintained by it’s users. Everyone that loves Creepypasta can now contribute in one way or another. May it be by submitting your own Creepypasta, reviewing said user submissions, or simply discussing your favorite pasta in the comments.

There are also a bunch of other improvements that will hopefully make this website easier to use and navigate. I will also do my best to keep adding new features that will improve the website. You can help with this by leaving some feedback or submitting new ideas.

Due to my lazy nature, some of the planned features have not been implemented yet. I will do my best to add these in the near future! You can see a list of upcoming features below.

  • Narrations – The idea is to allow users to either submit their own narration of a Creepypasta or listen to other people”s narrations instead of reading a Creepypasta
  • Ideas Section – Some people have great ideas for a Creepypasta but simply do not have the writing skills to make it into something great. Or maybe you do have the writing skills lack in the creative ideas departement. Either way, this feature will allow people to help eachother create great new content!
  • And More…. [Submit your feature request]
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